Decision-making and Analytics

Decision-making and Analytics

We have the largest Decision-making and Analytics group in Europe with the subject a growing area of influence with businesses and policymakers around the world. 

Decision-making and Analytics brings together many disciplines such as psychology, economics and biology, to study human behaviour and decision making. Its insights have led to ‘nudges’ being developed for many different contexts from tax collecting to reducing alcohol consumption to help people improve their thinking and decisions. 

The success of these interventions has led to governments across the world creating their own ‘nudge units’, such as the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, which we often partner and work with. 

Our Decision-making and Analytics group produces and disseminates cutting edge research and advises managers and policymakers about how to induce behavioural changes for better organisations and societies. 


Latest Decision-making and Analytics Research

Decision-making and Analytics
Can we be nudged to act on climate change?

Saving the planet from the effects of climate change won't just require governments to take action, but everybody to change their habits to live a greener lifestyle. Lory Barile explains how nudges will help.