Giving Back to WBS


You may have experienced the benefits of a WBS education, or you may have a philanthropic interest in supporting excellence in scholarship. As an educational institution we have exempt charitable status. Investing in us enables us to continue: 

  • Recruiting the brightest and best students 

  • Encouraging top-class academics to do their research at WBS 

  • Building world-class facilities for our students, staff, and alumni. 

Ways to donate are explained by the University here; please make clear if you wish your donation to benefit WBS specifically, or the University in general. 


Volunteer your time 

Our alumni regularly return to WBS to support teaching, curriculum and career development. You can volunteer your time in many ways including: 

  • Speaking to students to answer questions about your role, career journey, or to share industry insights 

  • Representing WBS at fairs and pre-arrival briefings all over the world to share your experience of student life at Warwick 

  • Becoming a guest lecturer to enhance students’ understanding of how theory is put into practice in industry 

  • Supporting student competitions as a judge or advisor 

  • Ensuring our curriculum and teaching remains relevant so that students are always prepared for the ever-changing world of work. 

Please email to learn more about volunteering with WBS. 

Leverage your organisation 

You may be able to offer a variety of opportunities to WBS students through your organisation, for example: 

  • Recruiting WBS students into internships, placement years or graduate roles 

  • Hosting student visits to introduce them to your organisation and/or industry 

  • Offering students projects to work on as part of their dissertation research, or by providing company case studies as part of their course 

  • Sponsoring student awards and prizes to promote scholarly excellence. 

 Please see Working with WBS or email to speak to us or to learn more.