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Core Magazine

Our Core magazine is our Change Makers manual, and is published twice a year with all the latest theories, research, and thinking. Core magazine covers everything you need to know to navigate the post-pandemic world. Click on any title below to download your copy.


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Our Research Expertise
Decision-making and Analytics

We have the largest Decision-making and Analytics group in Europe. Our academics advise businesses and policymakers on how they can induce behavioural changes for better organisations and societies. Insights from our research have led to ‘nudges’ being developed for many different contexts from tax collecting to reducing alcohol consumption.

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We have become a forerunner for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship research, covering such diverse topics as entrepreneurial leadership, healthcare management, corporate entrepreneurship, open innovation, knowledge management, SME growth and public innovation policies.

Finance and Markets

Finance and Markets is a well-established and strong area for the School and is undergoing a rapid revolution from cryptocurrencies, to the emergence of Fintech and open banking. Our research covers these new areas plus subjects ranging from asset pricing, macroeconomics and financial markets, to central banking, corporate finance and private equity.

Future of Work

How we work is set to change rapidly thanks to technologies like AI, automation, robotics and the Internet of Things. We are at the vanguard of this developing area, exploring the ethics, technologies, and structures that are evolving and will impact every organisation.

Healthcare and Wellbeing

We are one of the leading research institutions for healthcare management and organisation in the UK. With research interests ranging from behavioural change insights, patient safety, and managing change, to healthcare leadership, innovation and healthtech, including AI, WBS has become a focal point for policymakers and the UK’s National Health Service. 


To cope with an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, requires effective leadership. It requires a clear vision and the ability to lead strategically and wisely in a rapidly changing environment. These skills are becoming much sought after and our world-class researchers in the field are providing the answers.

Strategy and Organisational Change

Building a strategic advantage is central to any organisation’s future but with the fourth industrial revolution set to unleash technologies that could side-swipe any industry, create new ones, and deconstruct the very notion of an ‘industry,’ strategists need new tools. Our research is helping companies large and small to build the guiding principles they need to succeed.


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN are the driving force for the world to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and preserving nature. To be achieved it is incumbent on all organisations and business to adopt these goals and work towards more equitable and sustainable practices.