Global Energy Research Network

Part of the University's Global Research Priority on Energy, the WBS Global Energy Research Network seeks to increase the University's research capacity by exploring the new, global frameworks that will enable companies and countries to meet future demands for affordable and sustainable energy, while still achieving their goals for economic growth and development. 

Global Energy research arises from the School's long-standing interest in understanding the role of business when society faces major challenges. We combine fundamental research into management practices with a topical view on their implications for businesses, policy and society. 

Our research aims to address two key questions: 

  • How are the evolving economic forces and new patterns of economic growth across the world leading to changes in industry structures, new business models and changes in management practices across the energy sector? 

  • What is the evolving relationship between industry and governments through policy-making, regulation, international relations and global frameworks? 

As part of our research, we work with a wide range of stakeholders including business organisations, regulators, governments, charities and NGOs, and we welcome approaches from organisations and groups who wish to support or learn more about our research. 

Partnerships include: 

Professor Mike Bradshaw, a member of the Network, also leads the University’s Energy Global Research Priority. For more information on the Energy GRP, please see here.

Head of Network: Professor David Elmes

Latest research news

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