Foundation Year

Please read the University of Warwick’s prospective student update on Covid-19. We recommend you contact our Undergraduate Recruitment team if you have any specific questions.

What is the Foundation year?

Our Foundation Year prepares you for degree-level study at WBS and gives students the opportunity to build their knowledge about business, improve some key skills we have found to be important to succeed during the undergraduate degree, and spend a year getting used to the university environment. 

We provide a diverse programme of events and activities, such as off campus visits to businesses, guest lectures, careers workshops, and service projects, that build your confidence and can be experiences you draw from when you move on to degree level study. 

We realise that there are bright, motivated students who are capable of succeeding on our courses who may not get the chance to because of circumstances beyond their control. It is well-known that students from disadvantaged backgrounds do not gain access to higher education at the same rate as other students – not because they cannot succeed, but because of barriers that make it difficult to prove they can. We believe strongly in facilitating access to these students.

Our Foundation Year students have done, and continue to do, amazing things. We would miss out on some truly incredible students if we did not have our Foundation Year course, and our entire school is improved when we have a student body that reflects the rich diversity of backgrounds that exist outside of our walls. If you think you might be one of these students, someone who is motivated and eager to learn, but has not met our standard admissions criteria, please review our Foundation Year entry criteria and pages to learn more about the course.

You will need drive and dedication to your studies to progress through the course but will receive a great deal of support from our dedicated team of academic faculty, personal tutors, former foundation year student mentors, and our administrative staff. 

If you successfully complete the Foundation Year you will automatically progress to either of the following courses and join our direct entry students in Year 1:

Placement Year

Our BSc Accounting & Finance (with Foundation Year) with Placement Year and BSc Management (with Foundation Year) with Placement Year courses will enable you to put your studies into practice while learning about a particular industry. You will undertake your placement year during the fourth year of your course and return to Warwick for your final year of studies.

Employers often look for workplace experience as part of their recruitment process and many make graduate offers to students as a direct result of placements so this can be a great way to kick start your career!

With established links to employers across all business sectors both in the UK and abroad, our dedicated CareersPlus team are on hand to support you through the process. Find out more about our Foundation Year with Placement Year courses.

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