Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network

The Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network’s main goal is to connect academics in various fields, and bring together industry research, to advance understanding of how knowledge work and production of innovation is, can and should be transformed by human and machine interactions. AIIN was established by the Information Systems Management group at WBS in 2018 and is currently led by Professor Hila Lifshitz-Assaf

The Network focuses on cross-disciplinary research that is both relevant and rigorous, answering the most important and impactful questions to the field using research designs and methods.

AIIN is open to a wide variety of areas and opportunities. We are currently active in:

  • AI and healthcare
  • AI and creative professionals and industries
  • AI and sustainability
  • AI and ethics (explainability, fairness, privacy, accountability etc)
  • AI and the production of technological and scientific innovation
  • AI and finance (AIIN has represented the foundation for the larger-scale, externally funded Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology)
  • AI in law (current projects in partnership with law firms explore application of machine-learning capability to resolve legal disputes).

Director of AIIN: Professor Hila Lifshitz-Assaf. 

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