Doctor of Business Administration

The DBA degree is designed to provide business leaders, executives and professionals an opportunity to pursue the next step beyond their MBA or equivalent qualification.

It is equivalent in stature to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, but distinct in that candidates pursue applied research rather than theoretical knowledge. The goal of the DBA is to design organisational interventions which help address real-world challenges, and then to evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those interventions, and to communicate the findings so that both the world of practice and the world of research can benefit. In this way, the DBA candidates generate new knowledge – the ultimate criterion for the award of a Doctoral degree.

Our DBA is designed to produce scholar-practitioners who can enhance their organisation’s performance through evidence-based practice. It is distinctive in that the goal is the design and creation of an intervention, and rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness of that intervention. The programme therefore addresses three core areas: developing a clear understanding of the nature of the problem(s) or challenges to be addressed; understanding the relevant bodies of knowledge across management, innovation and strategy that may inform an intervention; and designing a research and data strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.

In pursuing these goals, the DBA brings together our world leading faculty, a unique degree programme designed to impart critical skills at the highest level, and organisational leaders and entrepreneurs with the desire and ability to make change in their organisations.

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