Applied & Organisational Psychology Research Network

The Applied & Organisational Psychology Research Network includes researchers from the area of organisational psychology, business psychology, and I/O psychology. We are concerned with how individuals, leaders, and teams, think, feel, and behave at work. There is a strong line of research in this area at WBS and we are particularly concerned with the following topics: 

  • Leadership processes and effectiveness 

  • Innovation and creativity at work 

  • Proactive and entrepreneurial behaviour 

  • Wellbeing and emotional processes at work 

  • The dark side of work and organisations (dysfunctional leadership, toxic emotional experiences, unfairness) 

  • Employee experiences of radical change and resistance to change 

  • Cognitive processes and decision-making. 

This research network brings together scholars and PhD students across a number of groups within the School including Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Organisation & Human Resource Management. We employ a range of different quantitative and qualitative methodologies, from lab-based experiments to field studies. The network’s work is highly relevant to management and organisational practice, and we work closely with companies and organisations in the private and public sector. 

Our research is published in a range of top tier journals, including the Journal of Management, Science, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, The Leadership Quarterly, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal of Business Venturing, and Human Relations

Head of Network: Professor Tina Kiefer.

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