Strategy and International Business

Members of the Strategy and International Business (SIB) group conduct world-class studies, educational experiences and impact engagements in the areas of strategy and international business. Our faculty regularly publish in top-tier journals, develop award winning teaching experiences and have an impact in the firms, stakeholders and societies they engage with. 

Current research areas

We conduct world-class research in the areas of strategy and international business, employing a variety of research approaches. These include econometric and statistical analysis, formal and computational modelling, qualitative case studies, discourse analysis and ethnography. Our areas of interest include modes and processes of internationalisation, knowledge transfer in multinationals, strategy as practice and process, innovation dynamics, technology and market emergence, complexity and uncertainty, global energy and behavioural strategy. We host a number of doctoral students working on leading edge projects. Our faculty regularly publish in top tier journals such as the Academy of Management Review, the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal and the Journal of International Business Studies. We are also lead and are involved in a number of major funded projects.  


We offer engaging and stimulating teaching experiences, invest in the preparation of high quality, globally oriented teaching materials such as textbooks and case studies, conduct research on teaching effectiveness, develop innovative teaching methods, link our thought leadership with our teaching, and develop our faculty’s teaching competence. Our faculty are recipients of a number of internal and external teaching awards. 


Our group members are involved in a number of impact activities that aim to make a difference to firms, stakeholders and societies. Our knowledge development, teaching and engagement bridge research and practice. In terms of press coverage, our group members write for leading global media outlets and are amongst the top media contributors of the School. We also have a strong presence on social media platforms. 

Our areas of interest include: 

  • Modes and processes of internationalisation 

  • Knowledge transfer in multinationals 

  • The effects of firm internationalisation host and source countries 

  • Strategy as practice and process 

  • Innovation dynamics 

  • Technology and market emergence 

  • Complexity and uncertainty 

  • Global energy 

  • Sustainability 

  • Behavioural strategy. 

Our research approaches include: 

  • Econometric and statistical analysis 

  • Formal and computational modelling 

  • Qualitative case studies 

  • Discourse analysis and ethnography. 

Head of group: Professor Sotirios Paroutis

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