Joint Degrees

We offer many opportunities for cross-curricular study through elective modules on our courses. Additionally, WBS joint degrees are offered in collaboration with other departments at the University of Warwick. Enquiries about joint courses should be made to the partner department, not WBS.

BA Law & Business Studies

This joint degree will give you an advanced understanding of the business world, alongside a solid grounding in legal studies. You may opt for a three-year degree or you can take a wider range of Law and Business modules over four years. In order to obtain a qualifying law degree, you must choose the four-year course.

BA German & Business Studies

This four-year degree combines the study of German language, culture and contemporary society with in-depth business practice. As a part of this course you get to spend a year abroad in a German-speaking country, studying at a partner university and/or working in an industrial or commercial organisation.

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