Joint Degrees

Joint degrees

We offer many opportunities for cross-curricular study through elective modules on our courses. Additionally, WBS joint degrees are offered in collaboration with other departments at the University of Warwick. Enquiries about joint courses should be made to the partner department, not WBS.

BSc Economics and Management 

BSc in Economics and Management is a perfect blend of two interrelated disciplines that enhance and complement each other, creating a unique opportunity for you to prepare for a career in consultancy, policy analysis, business, finance, civil service or international management.

Together Economics and Management provide a comprehensive insight into the economic principles and managerial strategies essential for navigating and succeeding within the broader economic landscape. You will also have the choice to undertake a work placement during your third year, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a real work setting.

BSc Computer Science with Business Studies

Teaching on this three-year degree is split between WBS and the Computer Science department. In your first and second year you will take Computer Science modules, whilst your third year will be spent studying in WBS.

BA German and Business Studies

This four-year degree combines the study of German language, culture and contemporary society with in-depth business practice. As a part of this course you get to spend a year abroad in a German-speaking country, studying at a partner university and/or working in an industrial or commercial organisation.

BASc in Global Sustainable Development and Business Studies

On this degree you will consider the problems facing businesses such as gender equality, environmental sustainability, human exploitation and biodiversity loss. You will have the opportunity to spend part of your second year studying at Monash University in Australia, the home of the Sustainable Development Institute.

BSc Physics with Business Studies

This joint degree will provide you with a broad education in both Physics and Business. Your first two years will be spent in the Physics department, and your final year will be spent in WBS studying a range of business related modules.

BSc Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics (MORSE)

Examining mathematical theory and its practical applications, MORSE combines the teaching strengths of the Mathematics, Statistics and Economics departments as well as WBS. During this three-year degree you will also have the opportunity to take modules from other departments such as Philosophy or the Language Centre.


This four-year integrated masters degree will give you the opportunity to specialise in one of the following areas: Actuarial and Financial Mathematics; Operational Research; Systems and Statistics; Econometrics and Mathematical Economics; Statistics with Mathematics.