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Dr Charlotte Edmunds

Research Fellow

Behavioural Science Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 28139  /  Room: 3.106


Journal Articles

  • Bartlett, M., Edmunds, C., Belpaeme, T., Thill, S. and Lemaignan, S. (2019) "What can you see? Identifying cues on internal states from the movements of natural social interactions", Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 6, 49
  • Wills, A. J., Edmunds, C., Le Pelley, M. E., Milton, F., Fraser, B. R., Dwyer, D. M. and Shanks, D. R. (2019) "Dissociable learning processes, associative theory, and testimonial reviews : a comment on Smith and Church", Psychonomic Bulletin and Review
  • Seabrooke, T., Hogarth, L., Edmunds, C. and Mitchell, C. J. (2018) "Goal-directed control in Pavlovian-instrumental transfer", Journal of Experimental Psychology : Animal Learning and Cognition

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