Professor Gerry McGivern
Professor of Organisational Analysis
(Organisation and Work Group)

Gerry McGivern is Professor of Organisational Analysis and Head of the Organisation and Work Group at Warwick Business School. His research focuses on understanding professionals' knowledge, practices, identities, leadership and how they are affected by systems of regulation, management and organisation, primarily within health care systems in high, middle and low income countries.

He has published more than 30 academic articles, the majority in leading international social science and management journals, and two books with Oxford University Press: 'Making Wicked Problems Governable: The Case of Managed Networks in Health Care' (2013) and 'The Politics of Management Knowledge in Times of Austerity' (2018).

Gerry has been Principal and Co-Investigator on research projects worth over £1 million, including those funded by the Medical Research Council Health Systems Initiative, Economic and Social Research Council, General Medical Council, National Institute for Health Research, Wellcome Trust and General Osteopathic Council. His research has impacted the development of policy relating to professional regulation in health care.

Gerry previously worked for Price Waterhouse, Ovum, in HR consultancy, and in academic roles at Royal Holloway, University of London, and King's College London. He holds a MA in Organizational Analysis and Behaviour from Lancaster University Management School and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Imperial College Business School. He is on the Editorial Board of Human Relations.

Research Interests

Health professionals, health care, knowledge, identity, regulation, organization, leadership