A day in the life of an MSc Finance & Economics student

25 May 2022

Alexandra, our MSc Finance & Economics ambassador, gives a rundown of an average day in her life as an MSc student at WBS.

To be a finance student at Warwick Business School is indeed a full-time job. Even though the programme is quite demanding and challenging, you can always find time for extracurricular activities and your favorite hobbies with good time management. Although my schedule varies from one day to the other, I will describe what a typical day on my course looks like.

Lectures and study sessions

The alarm usually goes off at around 7:30 -8:00 AM. The earlier classes we have start at 9:00 AM. After attending the first lecture or seminar of the morning, I usually head to the Rootes Learning Grid. The university provides various silent and comfortable learning spaces for students; however, my friends and I typically go to the Learning Grid to study. I think that it is pretty important for students to study together with peers as studying collaboratively enhances your learning and socialising in your study breaks over a coffee is an excellent way to spend them!

Organising my time effectively

There are days when my day finishes with me studying until 9 or 10 PM, but this is the exception to the rule, and it usually happens around exam and deadlines season. Most of the time my study sessions last from 9 AM to approximately 5 or 6 PM. During this study period, I try to organise my time effectively. I like to keep a to-do list nearby and to plan ahead for what modules I have to study that specific day. This usually depends on what lectures and seminars I have the following days. I tend to do the work for the modules I have classes in earlier in the week.

Making the most of your free time

Depending on the day, you can spend the rest of your evening differently. Students can find many events organised by the university, from talks to cooking competitions and sports gatherings. You can find them just looking around you as the campus is always full of posters advertising different events during the week. If we are talking about weekends, good music and dancing are a great way to spend an evening once in a while, so you will usually spot many students queuing up to go to a club in Leamington Spa. 

As you can see, no two days are the same here at Warwick, but that is what I like about this university and community. As a student, you can combine studying with social life and develop academically and professionally. You can also form amazing friendships and upgrade other soft skills by participating in various events or being part of some of the multitude of societies available at Warwick.

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