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Our programmes will aid in your talent development and retention and help your organisation to achieve its goals.

Delivered at our Warwick campus, at WBS London, and with some programmes available online, we have the flexibility to suit your needs and deliver value to your organisation.

Executive Education

Our Executive Education programmes cover key areas in which businesses can gain competitive advantage, from behavioural science to digital transformation, strategic leadership to organisational change. Using real business cases, and delivered by industry and academic experts.

The Warwick Leadership Pathways are for senior executives looking to drive innovation, lead strategically, navigate change, and pioneer digital strategies. Flexible and stackable, you can complete a single Award or build up to a full Executive Diploma.

Open programmes provide the latest insights and practical skills that your staff member can implement straight into their role; whether you are looking to transform your digital capabilities, apply behavioural science to your area, or grow your business.

Custom partnerships are tailored solutions to help develop your people and organisational capabilities. Co-created with you, we will develop a deep understanding of your business to deliver real business impact, both in terms of the transformation of individuals, and how a team can impact and transform their organisation collectively.

Use our course finder tool to find the programme for your needs, or talk to us about creating a custom programme for your business.

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Imagine the competitive benefit of having access to the knowledge, best practice and insights of banking and financial regulation policy makers from around the world. The Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation qualification from Warwick Business School, in collaboration with the Bank of England, has been designed to support people working in related banking and finance roles to discover the latest thought leadership and best practice, as well as developing both their knowledge and practical application.

Taught online and part-time, you and your team can choose to study a single module for focused insight into a business area such as central banking, financial regulation, fintech and monetary policy or regulation, or undertake a full Masters’ degree providing a broad, holistic view of the wider sector. 

Find out more about our Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation programme or contact us for more information on our corporate fee reduction scheme.

MBA Programmes

Supporting an employee to undertake one of our MBA programmes not only benefits that individual, but your organisation as a whole. You can expect better ‘on the job’ performance as they bring back the new skills and techniques from the classroom and start putting them into practice in the workplace.

Their new ideas and fresh thinking can make an immediate and positive impact on your organisation; just one innovative idea could pay for the entire programme. Their consultancy project can be focused on solving a real issue that your organisation is currently facing.

Through their new found network, your employee can connect your company to a worldwide resource of experts, institutes and other businesses around the world.

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The goal of the DBA is to design organisational interventions which help address real-world challenges in your business, and then to rigorously evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those interventions, and to communicate the findings so that both the world of practice and the world of research can benefit from your work. In this way, DBA candidates generate new knowledge – the ultimate criterion for the award of a Doctoral degree.

Participants will join the DBA with a specific business challenge requiring a practical solution: eg how to design a fast, adaptable organisation; how to employ behavioural science to improve strategic decision making. The outcome of this programme will be new thinking, thorough research and evaluation, leading to a business solution with real, practical impact.

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