MBA and Experienced Hires

We can help you engage with our students and support you when looking for your next hire.

Our students are Change Makers who live and breathe our CORE values of Curiosity, Openness, Restlessness, and Excellence.

Their drive and ambition, paired with our world-class teaching, practical skills development, and personalised careers support, ensures that they are highly sought after by global organisations both during their studies and once they have graduated.

We can help you gain access to our MBA students for consultancy projects, MBA graduate programmes and all levels of experienced hire roles in your organisation. 

To speak to us about how we could work with you, please contact

Engaging our with talented students 

We have a range of options both online and face-to-face where you can build your brand and promote your opportunities amongst our diverse MBA community.

This could include:

  • Delivering an employer session
  • Hosting a coffee chat
  • Arranging a networking session
  • Organising a talent sourcing session 

Employer treks are another great way to engage with our students on your premises. These provide students with a real insight into your company, enabling you to present your organisation, staff, culture and employment opportunities - helping to encourage our students to consider your company for their future careers.

If you do decide to work with us, any event organisation, promotion and attendance is free of charge for employers.

Engagement events and job opportunities will be promoted via our online vacancy platforms, social media channels exclusive to WBS students, and our weekly careers eNewsletters during term time, upon request.

Looking for your next hire?

To assist with experienced hire recruitment, online talent books are created for our Full-time MBA and Executive MBA students. Exploring these talent books is a great way to identify students for your MBA graduate programmes or experienced hire opportunities.

You can view our MBA talent books by clicking the links below: