Early Careers Recruitment

Our students are ready to make a difference to your organisation.

Warwick is in the top 6 most targeted Universities by leading employers, for good reason (The Graduate Market Report 2022). Our undergraduate degrees include a range of elective modules such as HR, marketing, logistics, digital innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, law, and customer service management. This means that our students are interested in a wide variety of business functions. Additionally, our MSc courses contain a range of modules that allow students to study specific areas of business in thorough detail.

Our Employer Relations team and dedicated Placements and Work Experience team are happy to work with you to develop new and innovative ways of engaging with our students. Complementing this, our CareersPlus coaching team works closely with our students to fully prepare them for engaging with employers, helping with CVs and applications, through to assessment centres, interviews and employment offers.

Contact our Employer Relations team and find out how we could work with you.

Engage with our students – Online or face-to-face

Hosting webinars or engaging face-to-face, throughout the academic year, are effective ways of building your brand amongst our diverse student community and promoting opportunities. This could include delivering an employer session, coffee chats or webinars, attending one of our virtual or in person placement or internship events, or arranging a networking or talent sourcing session for your organisation. Any event organisation, promotion and attendance is free of charge for employers. Engagement events and job opportunities will be promoted via our online vacancy platforms, social media channels exclusive to WBS students, and our weekly careers eNewsletters during term time, upon request. 

Alongside engaging with our students at WBS or online, we can also work with you to promote other opportunities such as: 

Spring weeks and insight programmes

We can promote your spring week and insight programmes to our relevant first and second year undergraduates, many of whom are keen in applying to these opportunities. To view some further information on our students’ availability for these programmes during vacation periods, please look at the term dates.

Summer internships and placement year opportunities

Engaging an undergraduate student on a placement year or summer internship can be an excellent starting route when considering your talent pipeline and filling your graduate level positions. Please view our Undergraduate Placement Year and Work Experience Services brochure to find out more information. Students on our relevant undergraduate courses can undertake a placement year anywhere in the world, providing that the opportunity and location passes our internal approval process.

Additionally, students studying our BSc International Management course undertake a compulsory year abroad in their third year, during which they can work with an international employer. Please view further details on this in our Undergraduate Placement Year and Work Experience Services brochure.

Graduate schemes and graduate level jobs

All of our undergraduate finalists and pre-experience MSc students (those with under two years of relevant work experience) will be searching for graduate schemes and graduate level jobs upon graduating. Our undergraduate finalists are typically available from the beginning of July onwards and MSc students from September, upon completing their courses. Our students are interested in working for all different types of business streams, across a variety of sectors all over the world.

If you would like to find out more, please get in contact.