Student Consultancy Projects

Consultancy projects can provide your organisation with targeted and practical solutions to current business issues.

We offer specialist MSc and MBA Strategic Consultancy projects to our students as part of their curriculum. Projects are also ideal to test a candidate's suitability for a permanent position with your organisation. 

MBA LeadershipPlus Group projects (January – March)

Groups of six to eight Full-time MBA students undertake projects from January to March each year as part of their LeadershipPlus module at WBS. Previous clients range from large corporates, to locally-based SMEs, charities or not-for-profit/social enterprises. These projects provide you with insights and recommendations into relevant business issues without incurring MBA-level consultancy fees. 

We welcome project briefs from September to December each year. Please contact us to find out more information regarding LeadershipPlus projects.

MBA Strategic Consultancy Projects (June – September)

To optimise opportunities for the practical application of latest business theories and practise to the prevalent business challenges facing your organisation, you can host an individual or a group of Full Time MBA students to carry out a summer project.

Working individually, or in groups of 3, our MBA students can add measurable value to your business over 10-12 weeks, by researching a challenge or issue that you may be currently experiencing within your business. Students will complete a competitive recruitment process to successfully secure a project.  All recommendations will be delivered via a presentation and an academic report.

Please submit one brief per project. If you have any questions please contact us.

Specialist MSc - Individual Consultancy Projects (June – September)

Individual specialist MSc students, equipped with the latest theories and practice, can work with you during the summer months as part of their dissertation module. We can work with you to define the scope and desired deliverables of your project, advertise to relevant cohorts and help you to recruit the right student.

Please submit one brief for each project. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information.