A day in the life of an MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation student

23 March 2022

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation ambassador, Jiyong, shares what a day in his life looks like after attending his lectures and seminars for the day.

Greetings everyone! My name is Jiyong and I am a student ambassador for the MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation course (quite a long name, right? We use the term MISDI internally). I’d like to share a day in my life as a student at Warwick Business School.

Instead of explaining in the order from starting the day in the morning, I thought it would be easier to describe my routine after all my academic-related activities have been completed.

My academic schedule may vary from day-to-day, but I can expect my schedule to be finished before dinner time by the latest. The academic schedule usually consists of attending lectures, participating in seminars for a more hands-on exercise and meeting groups from each module to discuss and share progress on the group assignments.

After a hard day’s work, I like to have some rest watching YouTube videos - often food-related content to get inspired of what to make for dinner that night! Luckily for me, I enjoy cooking and sharing good food with people I love (mostly my girlfriend J). If I do not have some ingredients, this would be my time to visit Cannon Park shopping centre, where Tesco and Seoul Plaza are located. As a Korean, I’m grateful to have a Korean grocery store that has many options for Asian food. Usually, it takes around a 20-minute walk, but I prefer to get there by renting a bike using West Midlands Cycle Hire, meaning I can make the journey in three minutes. Cycle stations are located around the campus including the gym and at the Cannon Park car park. If I do not need to go shopping, I like to spend this time hitting the gym and working out.

A sunset on campusAfter dinner, it’s time to prepare for the next day’s agenda. As a MISDI student at WBS, I always expect to find something to do for the next day on my.wbs, our go-to platform for any university-related activities. Lecturers for each module use my.wbs to provide us with great articles, case studies, videos or even podcasts to warm-up for the upcoming lecture or review what we learned by preparing for seminar sessions. Good time management skills are needed as I must use this time to balance academics, careers-related activities (searching for any new job posts, preparing for any upcoming interviews, or submitting new applications) and planning for short trips around the UK for the weekend because we all need a break from our busy days!

I really get a great sense of achievement when I complete everything planned for the day. A productive day deserves a full rest, so I try to get a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, I try to get a 5K jog around my favourite trail around the campus. There are plenty of trails to choose from if you live on campus, accompanied by beautiful green fields and friendly neighbours! Then, I go through major news related to economy, finance and business while having breakfast, as I believe it is a necessary responsibility of a management student to always stay on top of the trends and be inspired for fresh ideas.

Then I’m off to WBS to begin my first academic activities for the day!

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