A day in the life of an MSc Management student

18 May 2022

MSc Management ambassador, Harsimar, talks us through a typical day during her one-year MSc course.

Before coming to Warwick to pursue my master’s, I often wondered how I was going to manage everything; from classes to group projects, working part-time to applying for full-time jobs and attending university events to going out with my friends. It does seem like a handful of tasks but, now that I am here, everything seems to fall in place. So let’s talk about a typical day in my life as an MSc Management student at WBS.

My day starts with a series of alarms trying to wake me up for class and yet I am usually running late. I wake up, get ready and take a bus to the university. On reaching campus, I usually drop by Pret to grab a cup of coffee to get my day started. This is followed by rushing towards my first class for the day. A typical day has two to three classes and one seminar, with one hour gap between each of them. During my free time, I often catch up with my friends and we sit together and study for the next lecture. My favourite out of all these sessions is the seminars because it's so much fun to work on case studies, debate about solutions and interact both with teachers and the other students in the class. Everyone has a different point of view and hence it is a whirlwind of ideas. There is so much to learn in every class.

After classes, I like to drop by and attend one or two society or social events occurring around the university. For instance, I recently went to the ice skating rink with my friends in Piazza, which was such a fun experience. I have never tried ice skating before and was scared to even stand up in those shoes but once I gathered the courage, it started to flow naturally. We had so much fun in that one hour skating with our friends, clicking some cool pictures and making some amazing memories. Following this, I went for some amazing dinner at Varsity with my friends - their chocolate fudge cake is to die for.

Having spent some fun and relaxation time, I usually head back to the WBS building to get some work done. I usually spend around two to three hours working on assignments or preparing for the next day in the Postgraduate Lounge. Studying at the university is so helpful as it is motivating to see everyone around you study - it just helps one focus better. I usually work part-time twice a week and on those days it’s a little difficult to get much studying done. So I make sure to compensate for it on the remaining days.

By the time I am done with all my work (well, most of it), it’s almost 8pm and I head back home and cook some delicious dinner. It takes a 10-minute bus ride to home followed by a short walk during which I usually call my family and friends and catch up with them. On reaching home, I freshen up, clean my room and then head to the kitchen to cook some hot pasta to help me fight the tiring day. I usually cook with a few of my other roommates. During dinner, we usually catch up about our day at the university, assignments, work and some fun gossip.

After dinner, I usually go back to my room and head towards my bed, expecting to sleep on time but that never happens. I end up binging on Netflix and YouTube and lose track of time. Finally, on realising that I have class in the morning, I force myself to stop watching any more of those shows and go to sleep and this is how I like to end my day

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