A four-point plan to make the most of your Masters course

29 November 2023

WBS MSc Mathematical Finance graduate Luxmi Kiran shares his top tips and advice for future students.

I had an amazing time at Warwick Business School, and learnt a lot during my MSc Mathematical Finance course. My lecturers, peers and support staff were some of the best people I have met. I’ve put together some key pointers that will help make your experience as special as mine.

1)     Know what you want to achieve from your course

WBS is a great place to realise your potential and develop your skills. If you are not sure what you want to do after your course, the Careers office is a great place to start.

Find which industry area you want to land in and start building on specific skills earlier. The career office has helped me a lot to understand the job application process and what skills I can build to have an edge.

You can never be too prepared!

2)     Make the most of office hours

Office hours can often be taken for granted. The MSc Mathematical Finance course had some of the best academics you’ll find, and learning from them is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Making the most of office hours and conversing with your lecturers is a great way to get the best results out of your course.

3)     Using the facilities in the campus

The University of Warwick and WBS have some of the best facilities. Whilst studying here I made full use of the sports centre, the swimming pools and climbing walls and was very happy with the service.

The university has some beautiful infrastructure. One of my favourite buildings was the Oculus building and even though I didn't have any lectures in there, I could go and study there, and appreciate the building.

If you stay on campus, waking up early and experiencing the local wildlife is magical. I miss seeing rabbits and ducks on my morning commute. 

4)     Make the most of your student life         

Make the most of your student life. At WBS there are so many opportunities to connect with people from all different backgrounds, whether you make friends for life or are finding people with great connections in business.

WBS hosts many fun social and networking events. When studying your Masters, you are not here for a long time and so it is very important to manage your time and make room for some enjoyable activities.

Engage with people and make the most of it!

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