"An experience of a lifetime" MSc Management International Electives

11 August 2023

Our MSc Management alumni share their exciting experiences of their international elective module which landed them at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, to study ‘Luxury Industry and Brand Management’.

What did you do during your international elective?

Adwait: The week-long trip was designed to teach us about how the luxury industry works and the key elements of brand management from diverse perspectives. We had daily classes which included lectures from SDA Bocconi academics and guest lectures from industry experts.

During the week we heard from former CEO of luxury footwear brand Sergio Rossi, who gave real-world examples of how luxury footwear companies implement their strategies of branding and production.

Divyarani: The module offered a well-rounded curriculum that covered various aspects of the luxury industry, from fundamentals to sustainability and technology integration. Learning from industry experts and esteemed professors was enlightening, and the company visit to DAMIANI Group allowed us to witness the craftsmanship behind luxury jewellery first-hand.

Nicholas: The trip was a fantastic experience that has left an impression on my career and personal growth. During the module, we had the privilege of engaging with industry leaders, former CEOs, renowned consultants, and esteemed professors from companies such as BCG, BAIN & Co, Illy Caffe, and Style Capital investment fund. Their insights and knowledge reinforced my belief in the luxury global market's resilience and its potential for international growth across all sectors.

What was your key takeaway from your experience?

Divyarani: The module not only equipped me with a deeper understanding of the luxury industry, but also inspired me to embrace sustainability and innovation in my future endeavours. The combination of academic excellence, industry expertise, and immersive experiences truly made it a transformative journey.

Arjit: One of my key takeaways was gaining a profound understanding of the shifting trends that are shaping the landscape of luxury brands. Whether it is the rise of streetwear or the industry's movement towards a more sustainable and greener future. Understanding the dynamic nature of the industry and being aware of shifting consumer demands will undoubtedly prove invaluable in my future endeavours within the luxury brand management field.

Adwait: With this experience, I feel highly confident to have had gained valuable knowledge which will be helpful for my future career advancement. We learned about the various distribution channels and their objectives within a luxury fashion company and reflected on how fashion retail has evolved over time and what challenges lie ahead of it. The course concluded with us being awarded with our certificates for completing the executive module.

What advice would you give to those considering international study?

Nicholas: I wholeheartedly recommend to seize the opportunity and embark on this journey. The passion and commitment that it demands are unequivocally matched by the rewards it offers back. Studying abroad is a great experience that enriches both your academic life and your broader understanding of the world.

Adwait: My advice to upcoming MSc students would be to opt in for future study trips based on your areas of interests, and make the most of your time by networking and socialising with industry leaders while enjoying the destination, because such opportunities to learn and have fun in such great environments will not come around often.

One highlight, memory or experience you’d like to mention?

Adwait: Every day after our classes were over, we made sure to explore the beautiful city of Milan. We visited Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall, Navigli, and other prominent attractions. While covering all of this, we walked around the gorgeous streets of Milan and enjoyed Italian food. We also had a cohort dinner accompanied by our cool professors Cathy & Daniella, and on the last day, we visited the beautiful Lake Como.

Arjit: One memory that stands out from the trip was our visit to Laboratorio Damiani S.R.L. in Valenza AL, Italy. As someone who has always been fascinated by jewellery and designer craftsmanship, this visit was a dream come true. Meeting with top executives like Giorgio Damiani was an incredible opportunity to gain insights from a visionary leader in the industry.

The visit not only satisfied my passion for jewellery but also broadened my horizons, allowing me to appreciate the fusion of art, design, and business in the luxury industry.

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