Business alumni insight: receiving a WBS scholarship

14 December 2018

Did you know that Warwick Business School has £1million+ of scholarships available for those applying to study on our MSc courses? We are continually investing in the future and welcome talented candidates from across the globe who are passionate about achieving their full potential, both academically and professionally. You can find out more on our dedicated Scholarships page.  

Where could a WBS scholarship take you? In this blog, two of our alumni share how receiving a scholarship helped them at university and beyond.

Tiffany Tivasuradej

MSc Business (Marketing)*, 2015 – 2016

Current job: Project Director, Ipsos

Since graduating, I spent nearly 5 years working at Ogilvy (a global ad agency) and am now working as a Project Director at Ipsos (the world’s 3rd largest market research agency). In my day-to-day role, I manage a variety of clients and multinational teams across APAC. 

My experience at WBS was truly beneficial, as our international cohort prepared me with the skills to communicate and collaborate effectively with people from different backgrounds and cultures (including several fellow alumni from Warwick!). Additionally, as I had studied anthropology for my undergraduate degree and therefore had no prior knowledge regarding the fundamentals of business and marketing, I was able to quickly grasp the basics thanks to the structure of WBS’s course. I truly believe that I have been able to get to where I am today thanks to the opportunity that the WBS scholarship gave me to study my master’s degree.

*This course is now known as MSc Business with Marketing

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Charles Hope

MSc Business (Consulting)*, 2014 - 2015

Current job: Sales Sector Consultant (Transport), Atos Consulting, London 

Beginning my journey at WBS

Having graduated with a Genetics degree at undergraduate level, I joined WBS in 2014 on a scholarship to the MSc Business (Consulting) programme in order to bridge the gap between my scientific skillset and the world of business I aspired to break into. The course was a year in duration, and I have to say it went surprisingly fast. I met a whole new intake of people, from all around the world, who became my friends. Like me they were also armed with the knowledge and skills they needed to take the step up into the incredibly competitive environment that is Business Consulting. Having the scholarship went a long way towards helping fund my studies at WBS, and was an added bonus to what was already a fantastic opportunity.

The range of classes we received were excellent. Everything from Business Strategy, Economics, People and Organisational skills, and Change Management were provided to give a holistic view of what it takes to succeed in the real world. The lecturers were highly educated, but more importantly had the experience in the industry behind them which gave credibility to the knowledge they imparted on us. They were engaging, and left lasting impressions which were crucial to me passing the interview stages, and I still think back on them today in my day to day work life.

Where am I now?

Upon graduating from Warwick, I went into the graduate programme at Atos Consulting, working as a Technology Consultant in Digital Transformation. I then worked on the delivery side with some amazing clients for over two and a half years, primarily working for a client in the Healthcare sector. This was a perfect fit for me as I was able to bring together both parts of my education to allow me to deliver effective results. After completing the Atos graduate scheme, I decided to try my hand at sales, and now work in Business Development for the Atos UK Consulting practice, being the first person in the company to make this move at my current level. 

*This course is now known as MSc Business with Consulting.

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