Business Student Insight: Reflections from my first term at WBS

24 September 2021

Our MSc student ambassadors reflect on their first term at WBS and how the online learning environment has enabled them to easily adapt to studying online.

Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla Rosanas, MSc Business with Accounting & Finance

Despite the pandemic, my term at WBS has met all the expectations I had prior to my arrival. I had two main goals for this term, which were to build a solid basis on my finance and business knowledge and to experience the British lifestyle, which I am currently doing.

Studying at WBS is definitely a unique experience in which you are given the opportunity of learning as much as you really want. By this, I mean that there is given a minimum knowledge level for each module that you should acquire, but the professors provide you with vast resources to acquire a significantly larger knowledge level. During my first term, I have thoroughly enjoyed increasing my finance and business knowledge. Studying at WBS goes beyond enlarging purely your knowledge, it also involves developing a large set of invaluable soft skills that are extremely important such as; teamwork, cooperation, integrity, and time management. All this makes WBS one of the very few universities where you can actually become who you really want to.

My experience at WBS so far has also enabled me to find out more about myself. Firstly, I have been capable of submerging myself into the world of finance, by gaining financial and market industry knowledge even though I haven’t come from a financial background. Secondly, I have learned the importance of networking. Depending on your background, it is possible that networking has never been a top priority. However, in the financial industry, networking is a must that will help you not just to find future job roles but networking also helps you to learn from other people’s experiences which have been hugely insightful for me. All in all, my first term at WBS could not have been more satisfactory.

Leila Shora, MSc Business with Marketing

One of the things that I have enjoyed the most during my first term at WBS is the pleasant ambience of the campus. There are many places to go for a stroll and many trails for jogging around the campus. The squirrels and rabbits are always fun to look at while having ducks and other birds nonstop bustling around is guaranteed to elevate your mood! The campus is very green; having ancient trees and being situated on the outskirts of Coventry with minimum traffic, it is a perfect place to keep socially distanced during the pandemic. In my opinion, the campus has the perfect balance of infrastructure and nature, providing a sustainable living.

In terms of the new skills, I have learned so far, during Term 1 I have acquired some new practical skills and have finally pushed myself to learn present-day software apps as OneNote, OneDrive, and EndNote which is something that I had been postponing learning for years. I have noticed I have been able to carry out my work more effectively than before, and I already see the value of knowing the functions of these apps. For instance, OneDrive makes it easier to use a document from any of my devices automatically synchronising the document’s content.

During my first term at WBS, I have also learned quite a lot about myself. Due to the intensity of my course and having witnessed the level of knowledge of fellow students has meant that I have re-evaluated my strengths and weaknesses. I have changed my perception of some of my skills shifting them from my strengths to areas for improvement. Overall my experience during my first term has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself whilst being constantly challenged intellectually by my course.

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