Finance alumni insight: how a WBS scholarship helped me

10 December 2018

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Where could a WBS scholarship take you? In this blog, three of our Finance alumni share how receiving a scholarship helped them at university and beyond.

Ellie Davidson

MSc Financial Mathematics 2016 - 2017

Junior Quantitative Analyst, Man AHL, London 

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in pure mathematics, I began my career as an Investment Banking Analyst, working on mergers and acquisitions in the consumer and retail space. I quickly realised that this wasn’t quite right for me; I was keen to move into a more quantitative role within the finance sector, where I could better utilise my mathematical skills. 

Despite already having both a degree in and a passion for maths, in the competitive world of quantitative finance this was not enough. You need advanced programming skills, statistical expertise, and a deep understanding of how to model financial instruments. These are precisely the skills that I was able to develop through my MSc in Financial Mathematics, which the WBS scholarship enabled me to pursue.

Where am I now?

During my first term at WBS, I was offered a full-time job for after the completion of my master's. I have now worked for just over a year as a Quantitative Analyst at Man AHL, one of the world’s largest quantitative hedge funds, where I research market-predictive strategies and implement them into our systematic trading systems. I know that without the theoretical background in statistics and financial modelling that the MSc gave me, as well as the practical data-driven projects that I was able to engage with, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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May Thazin Oo 

MSc Business (Financial Management) 2016 - 2017*

Graduate Management Trainee, CB Bank (Co-operative Bank Ltd), Yangon, Myanmar

Beginning my journey at WBS

“Phenomenal” would be the exact word to describe my time at WBS. The academic structure, the passion of the lecturers and the diversity of the class was just a perfect combination which has continuously expanded my boundaries.

Academically, it was a challenge to say the least. It pushed me to study harder, especially when touching on new subjects which included terms and techniques that I was not familiar with. Studying at WBS also pushed me to work harder to achieve common goals with all of my fellow students, and  I had to master time management as I was also involved in part-time work, voluntary programs and social events.

Despite these challenges, the voluntary activities, short trips, parties and celebrations that went on until the early hours of the next day made my time at WBS amazing.

The WBS scholarship programme was of great assistance. Coming from a big family, the biggest deterrence for me to obtain my master’s degree was financial restraint. The scholarship allowed me to overcome this and subsequently achieve my goal of graduating with a master’s degree. Secondly, having a chance to study at WBS has expanded my network and strengthened my personal capabilities. Lastly, holding a scholarship from a leading UK university made my CV stand out and I’m an attractive candidate to employers.

Where am I now?

The career prospects after graduation are amazing, enabling me to have the career of my choice. I am currently working as a Financial Analyst at one of the leading banks in Myanmar. My responsibilities require me to apply my data analytical skills to optimize the bank capital structure and oversee the strategic growth onwards. All of this is made possible due to my master’s degree which allowed me to further pursue knowledge in the financial service sector and bolster my technical skillset.

*This course is now known as MSc Business & Finance

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Simona Gambarini

MSc Finance 2009 - 2010

Markets Economist, Capital Economics, London 

Beginning my journey at WBS

Ten years ago, I graduated from my first degree in Economics in my home country, Italy. I found a job almost immediately, which was lucky, but it wasn’t my dream job and I was too young to give up on my aspirations yet. This is what prompted me to apply for the MSc Finance at Warwick Business School.

I knew about the school’s high reputation and quality because my thesis supervisor had studied there and strongly recommended it. And I was confident that the master’s would provide me with the financial knowledge and tools to succeed in a career in economic research.

I received the offer almost immediately. But, although I was excited for this incredible opportunity, it would not have been possible if it weren’t for the WBS scholarship. Thanks to this scholarship, I was able to concentrate fully on my academic studies and my education did not put a financial burden on my family. My experience at WBS opened many doors and gave me the chance to meet incredible people from different backgrounds and cultures, as well as deepening my knowledge of financial markets and substantially increasing my employability within the financial industry.

Where am I now?

A few months after graduating, I was offered a position as research analyst at ETF Securities and a few years later I joined Capital Economics, one of the leading independent economic research companies in the world. I have worked for Capital Economics for the past four years, first as a commodities economist and most recently as a markets economist. The MSc Finance at Warwick Business School was instrumental in me getting this far in my career and the WBS scholarship was what made it possible.

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