Finding a living space to suit your lifestyle and budget as an MSc student

20 July 2020

Our MSc alumni share their experience of deciding on their postgraduate accommodation before joining Warwick Business School.

Konstantinos Bivolaris, MSc Finance

Whilst completing my postgraduate studies at WBS I lived at Heronbank. Heronbank is approximately a five-minute walk to the centre of campus and is located very close to the Sports and Wellness Hub and WBS. The accommodation blocks overlook the nearby lake providing relaxing picturesque surroundings. Whilst staying at Heronbank I shared a flat with nine other students, and we all shared the kitchen and living area but had our own bathrooms. The facilities available are of a good standard, and all flats are fully furnished with all the amenities you may need.

When you are applying for your accommodation it is good to be aware that international students are given first priority when it comes to accommodation allocation on campus. Therefore if you decide to stay on campus your flatmates will most likely be international students, and although this has never been an issue for me there may be cultural differences that you have to overcome. At the beginning of term when you first meet your flatmates it can be difficult to establish relationships with students who are of a different nationality to you. It is important to be as open-minded as you can and make the most of living independently.

I would advise all future students to explore their accommodation options carefully and make sure you select places that suit your lifestyle requirements and budget. 

Sharon Wandili, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

Warwick provides both on-campus and off-campus accommodation. During the application process, you are able to choose a maximum of five options for on-campus accommodation, two options for off-campus accommodation, and a minimum of one option for off-campus housing. You then make your preferences in order of where you would most like to live. Your accommodation options may be influenced by a few different factors such as your budget, your lifestyle or your proximity to WBS. I particularly chose Lakeside accommodation as my first option because it is located five minutes from WBS, and I thought this would make my life easier for attending 9am lectures. Lakeside is surrounded by lovely scenery and my room has a great view of the lake. It is also located very near to the Sports and Wellness Hub which is a great bonus for students who are keen on joining sports clubs and societies or enjoy gym workouts.

In terms of the application process for accommodation, I made sure I completed my application as soon as the portal opened. I then received an email in late August, early September informing me of my accommodation application. Luckily I managed to get my first choice of Lakeside which I was really happy about. I moved into my accommodation a week before the official term date which is when the let started. I found this really useful as you are able to fully move into your accommodation before the term starts, and make the most of experiencing Warwick Welcome Week whilst familiarising yourself with your surroundings before your studies start. I really enjoyed staying at Lakeside and considered it to be my second home whilst studying at WBS.

Jarryd Chen, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

Having to decide where to live is no easy choice, but having conducted enough research on accommodation prior to starting at WBS, I decided to live in Earlsdon. My first consideration when choosing my accommodation was the issue of accessibility; with the University of Warwick only ten minutes away, and the centre of Coventry only five minutes away, Earlsdon was the perfect option for me. There are easily accessible bus routes in and out of Earlsdon, and Coventry train station is only a short journey away which was great when I decide to take a break or visit friends who live outside of Coventry.

Moreover, Earlsdon is mainly occupied by families, working professionals and students, giving the area a community vibe and making it a safe location to live. Finally, Earlsdon has a variety of shops available and a huge selection of restaurants ranging from Indian to Italian. There is a brilliant Cooperative store where you shop for your favourite groceries and two brilliant butchers that are famous for their delicious marinated meat! After spending hours studying extensively for my MSc, I enjoyed taking a walk around the War Memorial Park which is a short stroll from Earlsdon, and this enabled me to clear my mind after a hard day of studying.

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