Gaining a truly diversified international experience

06 May 2021

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovations student, Nazerke describes the key highlights from her experience at WBS from accessing a global alumni network to the resources that enable her to excel in her academic studies.

Global perspective

Warwick Business School (WBS) offers a truly diversified international experience. However, it is not just about the number of countries represented by students in the classroom; global insights are also drawn through our learning. The projects we discuss during classes are spoken about in a global context, considering not just one country, but a universal solution to specific problems. Recruitment sessions and opportunities from the CareersPlus team target positions across the globe, not just the UK. In addition to this, the experienced faculty members represent different countries, cultural and industry backgrounds. All these factors make me feel like a real international student exploring new perspectives.

Alumni network

Alumni form a strong supporting group for the WBS community. Former students from different parts of the world interact, contribute and help each other, bonded by the WBS core value of ‘openness’. Current students can receive guidance and communicate with alumni via the mentorship programme. Experienced alumni from various industries are also invited to webinars to share their thoughts and advice with the upcoming graduates and prospective students. Thanks to WBS being mentioned on my LinkedIn profile, I am glad to have made new professional connections, many of whom are WBS alumni. Looking ahead to the future I cannot wait to become a great contributor to the WBS alumni cohort myself after my graduation in September.

Faculty and resources

The promise of ‘excellence’ as on the WBS core values is represented by the high quality of the faculty and available academic resources. The professors I am taught by are not only good educators, but also are professionals with vast experiences in both industry and academia. Some of them are authors of their own articles and books, others have extensive corporate experience to share with us which really helps us to put our knowledge into context. Besides immense opportunities provided by the University Library, we as WBS students have certain unique resource opportunities available to us. These include exclusive subscriptions for periodicals, scientific journals and leading business news. I have found that these components make my studies even more exciting – I have access to the brightest minds and all the required resources I need to study and excel! 

WBS CareersPlus

In addition to the university-wide career services, WBS provides its own dedicated careers team to students known as CareersPlus. With the help of the careers portal and the career coaches we ae able to understand what employers are looking for when they are recruiting business and management professionals. Moreover, as WBS students we can obtain free subscriptions and profiles for all major global recruitment platforms. The career coaches also help you to build your confidence in yourself and your skills as well as your future professional abilities.

Student development

WBS not only educates students in the scope of the course curriculum but also gives us a chance to develop other parts of our personality. As a WBS student, you can practice your entrepreneurship skills and business acumen by participating in various contests, challenges and internal startup incubation/acceleration programmes. I believe this really makes WBS stand out as it equips students with additional skills and knowledge relevant to future employment opportunities.  

The adaptability of the course

Personally, I like how quickly WBS has adapted its facilities, course content and learning experiences in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. My course MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation is based on understanding how businesses need to adapt to thrive in the digital age. This in turn changes what and how we need to study to ensure we are up to date with the latest developments within the business world. My course focuses on the area of artificial intelligence which is a huge area of growth and therefore I feel once I have graduated from my course I will be equipped with all relevant and crucial skills that will be required in a competitive job market.  

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