Gaining practical and theoretical skills with WBS and Economics

31 January 2018

In this blog, recent graduate Amit Kandola tells us about life as a Masters student at WBS, as well as how he benefited from learning with both the Department of Economics, and Warwick Business School.

The best thing about studying MSc Finance & Economics at WBS

I found the split of the classes between both Warwick Business School and the Economics Department very valuable. At the Economics Department, teaching is more theoretical and digs deep into the literature, and at the Business School you gain the knowledge with practical applications with some lecturers having industry experience.    

Given that Warwick is a top class university, I was surrounded by intelligent students which inspired me to work hard. Also, the careers events that happen on campus has given me the motivation to understand the concepts from lectures in as much detail as possible so that I can apply them when I take up full-time work.

Using WBS CareersPlus to gain understanding of potential career paths

I used the careers service for CV and cover letter assistance along with assistance in finding the best career path. Before coming to WBS I was a bit in the dark with all the roles in the financial sector and the careers service really helped me to understand where I would like to go with my career.

Student life near campus

I lived on Charter Avenue which is just outside campus. As a Masters student, I found this perfect as it is a 20-minute walk from the business school and a 5-minute walk to the large Tesco near campus. With the workload that is required when doing a masters, it is a huge advantage being within walking distance to university!

I used the campus sports centre and chose this over other gyms because of the reasonable price and because of the facilities available. As a  member, I used the fitness suite a lot but sometimes I played basketball and table tennis.


Tips for future Masters students

Treat your masters like a full-time job! As rewarding as this Masters is, it isn’t easy and the winter exams come around before you know it. It is important not to fall behind on lecture readings and problem sets throughout the term so take lecture revision seriously from day one.

Amit's key takeaways from studying MSc Finance & Economics

I have gained advanced statistics and financial modelling skills as well as the ability to code in STATA and MATLAB. In lectures, you dig deep into Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance which I feel has prepared me for any career in finance. Beyond the technical skills, I think the many assignments that we were given with strict word limits has trained me in the ability to solve problems with limited resources.

I would like to take up a career as an economist at a private bank and further down the line I would like to work towards a PhD.

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