Generalist Masters student insight - elective choices

31 March 2017

In this postgraduate student insight blog, Generalist Masters students discuss choosing their elective modules.

Maria Townley-Wells
MSc Business (Consulting)

This term we were able to select an elective module and I chose to focus on Ethical Leadership. The module allows you to further appreciate that businesses cannot act solely to further their own interests and how you as a potential future leader should consider the wider implication of your actions and choices. A personal highlight has been the guest speakers. Hearing experiences from real whistle blowers in organisations was a great opportunity and has really brought the module to life.

Wenxin Tian
MSc Business (Accounting and Finance)

By choosing to study corporate governance, it will further strengthen my understanding on the importance of strategy, the existence of corporate committees and the complexity of board structure. The best part of the course is that the lecturers and seminar teachers are very responsive, making studying in general a highly pleasant experience. 


Todd Gibson
MSc Business (Accounting and Finance)

I chose to take Big Data Analytics as my second term elective module because of the skills relevant to the modern workplace it will grant me. I felt that the module would give me an edge when I come to start my future career. Now I am well into the course, I thoroughly enjoy the captivating and interesting teaching style, with this now becoming my favourite module so far I have taken throughout my masters.


Sakshi Gupta
MSc Business (Financial Management) 

Towards the end of term one we choose an elective module. We had a variety of options ranging from Ethical Leadership to Corporate Derivatives and Risk Management. We were given an online briefing and write up available for each available choice and that actually helped me make an informed decision. I chose Derivatives and Corporate Risk Management.


Linh Le
MSc Management

Big Data Analytics was my elective choice for second term. I believe learning skills which were available on this module will not only enhance my employability, but also benefit my future success when I start a business myself since having information one step ahead of competitors will definitely provide a huge advantage.

Although the module is very challenging to me due to my limited experience in statistic and computing, I really enjoy it. The degree of practicality involved as well as the requirements to self-study and overcome my weaknesses have deepened my interest and motivated me to excel in the area. 


Alice Arnold
MSc International Business

I really wanted to make the most of the varied options that the MSc International Business programme has to offer. I chose Ethical Leadership and Financial Analysis for Management as my electives, to introduce me to different aspects of the business world and further enhance my skill set which I had developed over the duration of the course. Both modules have been engaging, stimulating and extremely useful.