Generalist Masters student insight - exam tips

26 January 2017

In our second postgraduate student insight blog, Generalist Masters students share their highlights from their first exams.

Linh Le
MSc Management

“The exams in the first term were generally practical, which made my revision time very enjoyable. Besides the theoretical aspect of the exam papers, requirements for cases and examples to strengthen my answers motivated me to read and explore further into the business world. This was when I could learn from firms' successes and failures. I was impressed by how supportive the professors were during the revision period with all the past papers and instructions provided.

The most challenging aspect that I found was the marketing exam, which contributes 100% to your final module mark. The fact that one final exam decided everything did put me under a lot of pressure. However, with all the revision made and the support provided, I have managed to achieve a good result in the end”.


Sakshi Gupta
MSc Business (Financial Management)

“Term one exam week: We had four exams on four consecutive days in term one, I personally liked how we didn’t have unnecessary breaks in between exams. Moreover, we had almost a month to prepare for the exams. I wouldn’t deny it being challenging but if you maintain focus during lectures and complete the assignments, you’ll be absolutely fine”.


Todd Gibson
MSc Business (Accounting and Finance)

“Exams can be a stressful time for students, however due to the careful planning and a timetable ensuring no two exams fell on the same day, exam week at the start of this term went well. Having achieved what I hoped to from them, I found these exams to be good and just a test of my knowledge of the modules I learnt last term”.


Maria Townley-Wells 
MSc Business (Consulting)

“I came to WBS straight from undergraduate study, but many on my course have either taken time out to work or have never sat an exam in English before. Whatever your position exams can potentially be stressful. There is often a lot of work to do and not a lot of time in which to do it. The university offers many channels for you to get the help and support you need. Tutors are always happy to help, often running revision sessions to recap key content and holding office hours for any further questions you may have”.


Alice Arnold
MSc International Business

“Term two has been just as exciting as the first. Beginning the term with exams was fairly challenging however I was fully supported by the professors who made every effort to help me with any queries I had whenever I had them. On completion of the exams, we began our elective modules for this term”


Wenxin Tian
MSc Business (Accounting and Finance)

“The assessment structure is thoughtfully laid out with a combination of group work and exams, which consolidate both practical application and theoretical knowledge. The alignment between theories and practical cases will equip me with the fundamental skills and knowledge that will be extremely valuable to my future career”.