Generalist Masters student insight - group work

23 May 2017

In this postgraduate student insight blog, Generalist Masters students discuss the benefits of group work. 

Todd Gibson
MSc Business (Accounting & Finance)

I have found that the group work performed on this course has given me the vital skills that will make me be more employable and more comfortable in a team environment in the future. At the start of the year, we had a very helpful and interesting team skills workshop. Here, despite working within teams prior, I learnt how to effectively manage any problems that may arise from teamwork and gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of teamwork. A few people working together can do the workload of many working apart.

One key example of this is from the Business Analysis and Valuation module, where we were tasked with analysing a company’s performance based on their financial statements, narrative reports and any extra information we could find. On my own, this would have been a massive job that would have been hard to manage. With my team, however, we split the workload and completed it in time to present to the module leader, achieving a distinction in the process! The team working skills that I learnt at Warwick Business School will definitely aid me in the future.”

Ogi Juwana
MSc Business (Consulting)

“My experience here has been very rewarding so far. I learnt a lot throughout my first term and I am pretty sure all the things I learn throughout will be useful for me moving forward. I believe that the first term has given me the edge/competitive advantage that employers seek.

Other than the core modules, I am also learning a lot from the elective module. Currently, I am taking “Leading Innovation”, in which we are taught ways to encourage innovation & creativity. The class itself is not just made up of lectures as you might imagine. We also have a simulation game, in which we act as if we are the management team of a company, competing with other groups. It has been a fun learning experience here at Warwick Business School.”

Sakshi Gupta
MSc Business (Financial Management)

“I personally enjoy group work the most. Across the 3 terms that I have completed so far, three of my modules have required me to work in groups, this has given me the opportunity to meet and work with students that I did not know beforehand. Since we all have different perspectives, working together has definitely made me more open and accepting of other people's ideas. 

In terms of assessment, we got the chance to assess our peers online and it was considered in our final mark, so I found that very fair and just. We also received detailed feedback on our assignments, which helped all of us to reflect on our work.”