How my Chevening MSc scholarship gave me the platform to succeed

20 March 2024

We spoke with MSc International Business student about her experience of gaining a Chevening scholarship to study at Warwick Business School (WBS).

I studied civil engineering for my Undergraduate Degree and upon graduating, I started working as a Product Manager. In the last four years, I have worked within the agricultural, supply chain and logistics industry with my major goal being to help firms in developing countries scale into the global market and vice versa.

Why WBS?

Three reasons. The first is the academic reputation, being one of the top business schools in the UK and Europe. For me, this meant access to quality education, opportunities and a diverse network which was essential for my career.

The second reason was the structure of the curriculum. I have a background in engineering, so I needed a curriculum that was going to be foundational yet technical, so it would give me the knowledge I required to excel in the corporate world.

Finally, the WBS culture and community fitted perfectly with my personality. The environment is very relaxing, and we have a lot of natural features surrounding the campus.

How did you achieve your scholarship, and what did it mean to you?

I was chosen to receive the Chevening scholarship on my third attempt of applying, and I think I did one major thing differently. First of all, I identified one key area of improvement based on my first two failed attempts, and this was learning how to improve my story telling abilities. I spent hours writing essays and expanding my storytelling technique to help guide me through the interview stage.

Every day I walk in through the North Entrance of the school, I am in awe. I tell myself “Odera you are a student at Warwick Business School.”. This is a huge honour for me, because without the Chevening scholarship, coming here would have been tough. Today I get to attend the best university with the best people and have access to the best opportunities.

“Countless possibilities”: My experience so far

I have been given the opportunity to attend events and meet professionals from different industries. The Careers team has also been very supportive in reviewing my CV and cover letters in preparation for any upcoming job interviews.

The modules, especially the case studies, have helped me develop my problem-solving skills. I have garnered belief in my ability to do anything because I have access to so many opportunities, it is as though I have undergone a mind shift – I have started to see life through the lens of countless possibilities.

My advice to you

Various scholarships are available during the application process at WBS, so state in your application that you would like to be considered. In line with your search on the university website, identify organisations such as Chevening and Commonwealth who partner with the school.

Apply early, because all of these opportunities have timelines so you want to be prepared when the opportunity is present. This process is not a walk in the park, so if you don’t get it immediately – pick yourself up and try again!


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