How my MSc propelled me into a management role

05 September 2023

We chatted to MSc Marketing & Strategy alum Anushka Malhotra about her Masters journey, path to her current career, and insights for anyone considering an MSc at WBS.

What’s your story?

I completed by Bachelor of Business Administration in India, and worked in the marketing industry for a year. I quickly realised that I wanted to expand my knowledge, skills, and personality through higher education abroad.

After graduating with an MSc Marketing & Strategy degree from WBS in 2019, I landed a role at TechWM as Marketing and Communications Manager.

Why WBS?

I considered many factors when selecting a university – academic reputation, global recognition, networks, campus culture and diversity. WBS stood out for me, leaving no room for doubt or compromise.

WBS has consistently held its place among the top-ranking business schools globally and in Europe, an incredible testament to the academic excellence of the curriculum. The extensive network continues to provide me with invaluable connections and the vibrant culture on campus foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

How did your course prepare you for your role?

WBS paved the path that led me to secure the coveted Global Talent Visa. At WBS I had the opportunity to choose the business consulting project over a traditional thesis. This marked a turn in my career trajectory, the project exposed me to a vast network of professionals, and opened doors to new opportunities.

Which job roles have you experienced?

My journey began with completing a business project for a Brand Advocacy Platform, Hyve, eventually leading me to become its Research and Marketing Consultant. Fast forward three years, and I was working alongside the company’s founder, who endorsed my Global Talent Visa.

Today, I am proud to be Marketing and Communications Manager of an independent organisation dedicated to elevating the West Midlands region’s tech scene to achieve global recognition.

How was your experience with the MSc Careers team?

The Masters Careers team at WBS guided me through various aspects of career development. From preparing for assessment centres to crafting tailored CVs and cover letters for the UK job market, they went above and beyond to help me leverage professional networks and build my personal brand.

Advice for anyone considering a Masters at WBS?

Make the most of your time here. Embrace the resources, support, and guidance available to you.

Take bold steps, ask for help when needed, and seize every opportunity that comes your way. It is your chance to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.  Unleash your potential, and never be limited by the boundaries of your classrooms.

I wish you all the best on your remarkable voyage at Warwick Business School. May your experiences here shape your future, just as they have shaped mine.

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