How new 'Consulting' specialism is shaping my MSc Management course

10 January 2023

Warwick Business School has been continually enlivened by the MSc Management curriculum, ever since I arrived. The newly-introduced ‘Consulting’ specialism in particular has been a driving force behind my development so far, and continues to open new doors for me.

Through a series of back-to-back employment fairs and activities, the first few weeks here were mostly devoted to providing us with a reality check of the increasingly digitised and modernised world.

One of the events was October’s Consulting Fest which converged me to the consulting industry. Even after the event, I kept exploring and researching more about it, and gained an understanding of the impact that the Consulting specialism offered by my course could create.

This module has piqued my curiosity in how the advent of the digital age has dramatically altered the way in which businesses function and engage with the consumers they serve. By participating in business simulations and honing real-world case studies, this module will assist me in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to become a competent digital strategist.

Never lose your entrepreneurial spirit

I come from an engineering background, and have experienced many challenges during my first start-up. Such circumstances made this difficult to revisit and made me apprehensive at first about the business technicalities introduced early on in the course, but my peers and teachers supported me greatly and encouraged me to use my past as a lesson to learn from.

Through maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, I plan to one day revolutionise the digital world, and create employment opportunities for talented young people who lack access to opportunities.

The course has led me to believe that the international perspective gained through the strength of the cohort and the practical knowledge skills acquired throughout the programme would be beneficial to me in achieving my goal of founding a social and technical enterprise of my own.

I have full faith that the MSc Management course will help me attain my goals. I would advise those hoping to tread a similar path to myself to make the most of the specialisms offered on the course, whether you choose Consulting or Entrepreneurship.

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