Make the most of your Finance Masters

26 January 2023

Our alumni share their advice and insights into how to shape a memorable and meaningful time here at WBS whilst studying your Masters course.

How did you make connections during your time at university?

Juan: University can make you feel quite new, especially as an international student. However, this feeling went away as soon as classes began - WBS has such diverse students that come from different backgrounds and share the same feeling.

WBS hosts meet-and-greet events so you can get to know more students, and in general there’s lots of group work involved in class to build friendships. I also joined extracurricular activities; in my case, I joined Warwick Salsa and the Sports and Wellness Hub, both presented the opportunity to meet new people.

Alexandra: It’s important to make the most of your free time during university, everyone spends their evenings differently after a day of studying. There are so many events organised by the university on campus that you can attend with friends, or as a way to meet new people. On the weekend, there’s so many towns and cities in the surrounding area to visit, and you’ll see many people queueing at the bus stop ready to go!

How can the CareersPlus team help you during your degree?

Christina: I received a lot of support from the dedicated Careers team, they organise regular networking events and you can attend 1-to-1 coaching sessions, which focus on helping you with things such as CV and interview prep.

Juan: The CareersPlus team is fantastic; I have received helpful advice during the construction of my CV and cover letter and in my general search for working opportunities. Also, the Careers Fair gave me more tips to increase my chances of having a job.

I recently started applying for jobs and have done some interviews; this would not have been possible without the advice I received from the CareersPlus team.

What is it like studying at WBS?

Alexandra: After attending the first lecture or seminar of the morning, I usually head to the Learning Grid Rootes. The university provides various silent and comfortable learning spaces for students; however, my friends and I typically go to the Learning Grid to study.

I think that it is pretty important for students to study together with peers as studying collaboratively enhances your learning and socialising in your study breaks over a coffee is an excellent way to spend them!

Christina: Having been an undergraduate at Warwick, I was expecting the workload for my Masters to be of a similar quantity. However, the course is much more intense than I expected, pushing me to search for more efficient ways of studying and further develop my time management skills.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the time during my course, as I was able to strengthen my understanding of core principles whilst also gaining a deeper theoretical and technical knowledge throughout.

What would be your main piece of advice for students thinking of studying at WBS?

Juan: The best advice I can give as an international student, is to make your experience count. You are the one writing your own story, make the WBS chapter one of the most enriching and exciting ones of your book.

Alexandra: As a student, you can combine studying with social life and develop academically and professionally. You can also form amazing friendships and upgrade other soft skills by participating in various events or being part of some of the multitude of societies available at Warwick.

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