How to make the most of your Masters experience

26 January 2023

Our alumni share their advice and insights into how to shape a memorable and meaningful time here at WBS whilst studying your Masters course.

What are some of your favourite places on campus?

Anamya: With immense natural beauty, walking trails and lakes, there is so much to explore on campus, it is especially lovely during spring when the flowers are in bloom! Beyond that, the campus also has several bars, cafes and pubs that are sensational, no matter what you fancy, the campus has it for you. The convenience of having these outlets on campus is truly unmatched.

Jakob: Some of my favourite places on campus which I would recommend, is firstly the Postgraduate study space which has become a social hotspot. There are also many cafes on campus, which are great environments in which you can mix with students from across the university and have a chat over coffee.

How did you make connections during your time at university?

Jakob: Whilst gaining theoretical knowledge might seem like the foremost learning of a Masters degree, I also wanted to develop and grow as a person. This meant I offset many hours spent in the library by engaging in the wider Warwick community.

I spent time as a Postgraduate representative at the Professional LGBTUA+ and Allies Network (PLAN) and as a student ambassador of the MSc Marketing & Strategy cohort. Both positions gave me an opportunity to grow my network and make friends.

Medha: During my degree I made a conscious effort to network. I learnt the art of networking through the seminars organised by WBS and from my peers. The best way to expand your network is to reach out to professionals on LinkedIn. Engage and build a connection with them gradually. Try to learn from their experiences and then courteously put forward your interest to work in the same organisation.

How can the CareersPlus team help you during your degree?

Anamya: If you are an international student, navigating the job market in a new country can be very difficult. Thankfully, WBS has an amazing CareersPlus team that makes the task much easier. From advice about CVs and cover letters to how to ace interviews, the team is always there to support your career.

The support doesn’t stop when you graduate either, jobs and networking events are continuously available to you even when you’re an alum.

Medha: If you want to boost your CV, gain tips on job hunting and the application process or anything else to do with career advancement – the Careers team is the solution. I connected with them on a regular basis to get advice and tips for job interviews, which always helped me perform better. They are great to clarify any doubts regarding jobs, or to simply help you achieve your career aspirations.

Where are the best places to study on campus?

Medha: The state-of-the-art infrastructure of WBS study spaces will provide you with the best study experience. All the study spaces offer a great environment to collaborate with your peers and ignite your intellect. There are silent study spaces as well for individual work which enables you to concentrate and avoid any distractions. You can also make use of lecture theatres for presentations or for any other work you may have when they are not in use.

Jakob: With running the risk of threatening its future tranquillity: Senate House! It is situated on the edge of campus, around a 5-10-minute walk from WBS, and very few people know about it. There are several quiet study areas in the building. Whereas for group work, I usually like to book a room at the new PG Hub at the Junction. I would also recommend the WBS Café after closing time as it’s very quiet and comfortable.

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