Insider tips for MSc students

23 September 2020

Our MSc ambassadors, Leena and Krzysztof share their insider tips for prospective MSc students; from discovering the best places to study on campus, to the best places to grab a bite to eat, to the best events and resources they have taken advantage of throughout their time studying at Warwick Business School.

The best places to study

Leena: My preferred places for individual study are the Warwick Library and the Postgraduate Learning Space located within the WBS building. However, for group meetings, I do frequently access the Postgraduate Student Lounge in WBS as well as the Postgraduate Hub in Senate House. These two places are both equipped with computers and LED screens which are really useful when working on group projects. Moreover, if I have a presentation approaching and I want to rehearse beforehand, I access any of the unoccupied seminar rooms or lecture theatres in WBS to practice with my group using the projectors and other presentation equipment.

KrzysztofThere are several places I like to study when I am on campus. Depending on the nature of work, namely, whether it is individual study or group work, I pick different spots. As an MSc student, initially, I spent most of my study time in the Postgraduate Learning Space located on the second floor of WBS building. It is a perfect place if you have some spare time between the lectures and want to just quickly read some articles or finish writings. The room is equipped with many PCs, printers and plenty of self-study, shared desks. Besides, whenever I needed to practice presentations, I always booked the silent igloo room in the same area.

Another useful area for MSc students at WBS is the grid located on the ground floor which is very good for group work or to study and eat as it has a kitchen with microwaves. However, a place I enjoyed studying the most was the main library located on campus. I have tried many different areas in the library, but my favourite one is definitely the third-floor extension silent room. Its green setting boosts productivity, while a nearby PhD section works as a motivation to work even harder. In terms of finding a suitable space for group work, this can be a bit trickier. During term time, most of the group work rooms in WBS or the library are fully booked. However, it is possible to find a space in Senate House, in yet another postgraduate study area. Somehow this area is often free and is fully equipped with computers and flat screens.

The best places to socialise

Leena: My favourite place to socialise on campus is The Dirty Duck eatery where at the end of my lectures I often go to relax, unwind, and grab a bite. Another great place to socialise is The Grad Deck for postgraduate students. We have booked The Grad Deck several times and hosted group dinner parties in an environment that feels like home. This place is just phenomenal. It has a fully equipped kitchen, an audio system with built-in speakers and provides pleasant seating arrangements for large groups to socialise. It has a warm and cosy atmosphere and its overall ambience amplifies the liveliness of our social gatherings. 

Krzysztof: Long live the memories of socialising in Warwick. Brilliant times and great people. When it was possible to socialise, I often attended the areas surrounding the Piazza. The must see and visit is the Terrace Bar (T-bar) located just above the square. Cheap drinks and a spacious terrace is all you need after a submission. Besides, you can always play a game of pool just behind the bar. In the same building, there is also a clubbing space, which I am not a big fan of, but sometimes there were some interesting festivals held there, like beer fest. Another place I recommend meeting your friends at is the Dirty Duck. This is a great space for casual meetings or getting together during fresher’s week. Lastly, there is a two storey, brand new building attached to Cryfield accommodation. On the ground floor, you can find laundry machines and some place to study, while on the second floor there is a pretty spacious room with a huge projector screen. Probably one of the best parties I attended on campus was in this room. In addition, if you prefer the outdoors, there are some great outdoor spots around the Sports and Wellness Hub and Lakeside. There is a great spot at the end of the lake with space for BBQs or outdoors meetings. Also, if you want to meet friends and play some sports there is plenty of outdoor training grounds around campus.

The best places to eat on campus

Leena: For me, some of the best places to eat on campus are the Library Café and Bar Fusion. The Library Café has a very lively atmosphere and has a diverse menu to satisfy various taste buds. Bar Fusion has a vibrant atmosphere and offers an appetising menu with creative recipes and mouth-watering dishes.

Krzysztof: I think eating on campus could be divided into three distinct categories; eating quickly between the lectures, affordable places and sociable lunches or dinners. I have more experience in ‘eating quickly’, so the places I would definitely recommend are the Library Café (also probably the cheapest place), NAIC café in the National Automotive Centre, or Pret a Manger. For affordable places to eat on campus, the already mentioned Library Café works pretty well, but I also often used to buy hot ‘fast food’ in Rootes Grocery Store. There is a food section at the back of the store with hamburgers, sausage rolls or fries. Lastly, if I had a bit more time on my hands or at the beginning of the month when I had a bit more money, I would eat out at the Dirty Duck, Canopy or Bar Fusion. They are all located around the Piazza. In addition, if you don’t mind a little walk there is a really good pub on the way out of campus which serves a variety of English and international food.

The best resources available on campus

Leena: I have greatly benefited from the academic writing support workshops available on campus. These have provided me with strategies and tips for improving my academic writing skills and structuring my essay which has been a pivotal skillset that I have improved on throughout my MSc course. My course includes a mixture of individual assignments and group work-based. I have written numerous essays and created presentations, and I am currently working on my dissertation project. Conducting quality research, finding references and organising and formatting these using a proper referencing style has been fundamental to the successful outcomes of my academic work. EndNote is software which helps me do just this and luckily at The University of Warwick, every student is provided with free access to this software.

The best events on campus

Krzysztof: Firstly, I would like to point out that there is always something to do at Warwick. In fact, you could fill every day with workshops, guest lectures or career fairs. Frankly, I fell into this trap when beginning my MSc at WBS. I was attending multiple guest lectures on a variety of topics, every day, held in different parts of the campus. Honestly, I cannot tell you which one was the best, but I remember during one guest lecture I had the opportunity to meet a managing director of one of the major banks. It was such an amazing opportunity to listen to him and think that he also was a Warwick student and now he is managing one of the top companies in the world. I also highly recommend that you attend the multiple careers fairs which are organised by WBS and the wider university. Although these events can be very busy it is a great chance to speak with future colleagues and build up your professional network.

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