Joining WBS as an international MSc student

23 June 2021

Our MSc ambassador, Sarah shares her highlights of studying at WBS, from broadening her knowledge whilst working alongside a diverse group of students, to the wide-ranging support services available at the University of Warwick.

As an international student, I moved to the UK to study for my undergraduate degree in London, and this is now my fourth year in the UK. My decision to pursue an MSc degree during a global pandemic was definitely not an easy decision to make, however, Warwick Business School has tried to make university life as immersive as possible for students even with all the restrictions that have been in place.

Being part of a diverse community

Besides the outstanding standard of higher education, I appreciate the diverse cultures and community here in the UK. During my first term, we were fortunate to have face-to-face seminars alongside online lectures. That’s where I met the most brilliant, intelligent, and inspiring colleagues (who I now call my friends) through whom I have been able to broaden my perspective and knowledge boundaries. Not only are we from different nations, but we have also had different educational backgrounds, years of work experience, and interests. WBS students, especially international, should be prepared to seize the opportunity to be part of such a diverse community. Whilst academic achievement remains a top priority, I believe developing critical thinking ability by interacting and learning from others is equally important.

Exploring the UK

For international students, it is especially tempting to travel around Europe as much as possible while we are staying in the UK. However, I would like to recommend students to explore different parts of the UK, once it becomes safe to travel. Even within the UK, the local community cultures vary across the country. You will be able to better understand the culture and history of the UK by exploring England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, which I believe is a unique opportunity for international students studying in the UK. I have visited a number of cities and areas in England including the Lake District, Bath, and Cambridge, the capital city of Wales (Cardiff) and two cities in Scotland – Edinburgh and Glasgow. I am looking forward to visiting Belfast once it becomes completely safe to travel without restrictions. One tip to save on your travelling cost is to buy a railcard to get discounts on your train tickets. It is just £30 for one year and anyone aged 16-25 and mature students are eligible. I would highly recommend getting the railcard if you are planning to travel across the UK by train.

Wellbeing Support Services

It can be stressful to study and live in a new environment, and maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance. The symptoms and causes of mental ill-health can vary greatly, thus, recognising the signs of mental distress and seeking appropriate support is crucial. The University of Warwick has a Wellbeing Support Services team to provide a range of wellbeing support to students.

 Another option is to consider Nightline, a student-run and non-judgemental peer-to-peer support listening service that is made available for students to talk about anything they may wish to. The well-trained volunteers are very approachable and always listen to you. You do not need to share any of your personal information, even if you do, everything you discuss will be strictly confidential. Knowing that you have someone to talk to without being judged can make you feel better when you are struggling as a university student. We all experience difficulties from stress, anxiety, insecurity or during our journey at university and there is nothing wrong with it. Just remember there is always help and support available for you, which I believe is one of the greatest aspects of being part of the Warwick community!

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