Making the most of WBS CareersPlus as an MSc student

03 February 2021

The WBS CareersPlus team support our MSc students from the moment they receive their offer, throughout their course and after graduation, as they step into the world of work. In this blog our MSc ambassadors share their top tips on how to make the most of the WBS CareersPlus service.

Eleanor Chung, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

I am truly grateful to have access to the dedicated WBS CareersPlus team. Getting a job upon the completion of my MSc course was my biggest concern when applying for my course, as the main aim of me deciding to pursue an MSc course was to enhance my career prospects. Thanks to all the advice provided by the CareersPlus team from the pre-arrival stage up until now, has enabled me to understand more about my future career ambitions and focus on the key job areas that appeal to me. As a student at WBS, I have come to understand that the business school cares about supporting me and provides me with the resources and tools to achieve my future career aspirations.

The CareersPlus team arrange a wide variety of webinars and online workshops to help students understand the current job market. My personal highlight was the course-specific career social event. The event was an insightful two-hour webinar with interviews from alumni who had studied my course and HR representatives from a well-known firm sharing insights about the type of candidates they are looking for. The interviews from the alumni delivered an important message to me by making me understanding that it may take several steps in order for me to achieve my desired job. I think a key highlight of studying at WBS is having access to the extensive WBS alumni network. I find it inspirational to speak to alumni and see the career paths they have taken which helps me to create a clear goal for myself.

The CareersPlus team is well-equipped with industry-specific knowledge and professional connections with industry experts. I personally participated in a one-on-one careers advice session with a member of the team which was really beneficial. When first looking at my dream job I was somewhat confused about the level of technical skills that would be required. However after speaking to the CareersPlus team, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the job responsibilities and technical requirements of the role. The team then helped me to create an action plan to develop my skills and knowledge to give me a competitive edge when eventually applying for the role. I feel so lucky to be supported by such a well-experienced team who can provide me with personalised advice and support to help me achieve my future careers goals.

Portrait image of Nazerke Moldakyn Nazerke Moldakyn, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

WBS CareersPlus offers a range of useful sessions online, which are highly relevant for students nowadays. Even though we cannot attend meetings face-to-face due the restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still receive great virtual experience in the form of company presentations, information sessions, recruitment announcements, and essential career counselling. During the first term I learnt about profiles of organisations like Vodafone, PwC, HSBC, Huawei and many others. These webinars really helped me to shape my future career vision after graduation.

One of the important career sessions was dedicated specifically to my course. During this event, a CareersPlus manager presented different career paths, introduced us to previous alumni, their positions and companies, and outlined timeframes for application and recruitment rounds for different companies in our field. For me, as an international student, this knowledge is valuable for career choices and my first job applications in the UK and Europe.

Besides using the vast resources and opportunities pages made available by the CareersPlus team and myAdvantage, I also attend career coaching appointments to review my CV and cover letters, refine my job search and prepare for upcoming interviews. Under the guidance of knowledgeable coaches, I managed to clearly define my career path, highlight my accomplishments within my CV, and prepare myself for assessment and interviewing processes. In the beginning it was very hard for me to speak up, as I thought of my incompetence for the roles and companies I aspire to be part of. However the careers coaches really helped me to open up and improve my confidence as well as recommending that I emphasize my strengths and work on the weaknesses. Moreover, I had an E-Guidance session, during which a member of the CareersPlus team reviewed my CV and gave me comprehensive feedback via a post on myAdvantage. These comments helped me to improve my application to a leading consulting firm and I look forward to progressing to the next round of the interview process.

Portrait image of Sarah Par Sarah Park, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

From exploring different career paths, to practising interviews, to successfully securing a job offer, the WBS CareersPlus team is always there to help you along the journey.

I started engaging with the WBS CareersPlus team even before my course commenced by attending online careers events for offer holders including Finance Fest. These events were held over the summer which I would say is the perfect time to start exploring industries, firms, and roles. The CareersPlus team is also aware of the fact that graduate schemes in certain industries e.g., finance open in July (before the course has even started), so they start providing application advice and tips prior to the course start date. I attended or watched the recordings of most of the webinars which helped me so much with developing my application strategies.

A lot of graduate scheme applications open at the beginning of the first term (September to October). Searching for job opportunities and preparing for the aptitude tests and interviews can be very overwhelming, especially when you are occupied with a tight course schedule. However, the CareersPlus team lifts this burden by providing extremely useful resources; updates on job openings, a monthly market analysis (for commercial awareness), access to aptitude test practices (Graduate First – aptitude tests platform), and one-to-one career coaching and interview preparation sessions. One of my favourite online resources was Marketline Advantage, a platform that provides quality information on industries and firms. This platform was incredibly useful when I was doing company research to prepare for my interviews.

Of all the invaluable resources exclusively available for WBS students, I found the one-to-one session with a career coach the most helpful. I have done a few CV and cover letter checks tailored to each job application, and multiple mock interviews with my career coach. The opportunity to practice and the advice were both extremely useful not only in improving my interview skills but also in boosting my confidence. At the end of the first term, I managed to secure a graduate scheme offer from one of my dream companies! Without a doubt, I could not have done it without the support from the WBS CareersPlus team. My advice to current and prospective students is to utilise what’s made available to you as much as you can.

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