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19 October 2022

Our ambassadors share their insider tips for prospective MSc students: from making the most of the CareersPlus team, being involved in extracurricular activities and their advice on how to make the most of your time during your MSc.

So, How have you made use of the Careers Team?

Anamya: As an international student, the UK job market was completely unknown to me. With the assistance of the CareersPlus team, right from the pre-arrival talks, I’ve been able to navigate the UK market a bit better. Right when I joined WBS, I consulted with the CareersPlus team regarding virtual interviews; and tips like the ‘’STAR’’ method of answering questions have helped me in a lot of interviews since.

Hannah: Before starting my course in September, I reached out to the CareersPlus team during the summer to ask for advice. The team were very helpful and proactive from the start. I was able to schedule an online meeting where I discussed my career goals, my CV and my next steps upon starting my Masters course. I was also provided with additional resources to prepare me for interviews and assessment centres which was very useful!

Juan: The CareersPlus team is fantastic; I have received helpful advice during the construction of my CV and cover letter and in my general search for working opportunities. Also, the Career Festival gave me more tips to increase my chances of having a job. I recently started applying for jobs and have done some interviews; this would not have been possible without the advice I received from the CareersPlus Team.

Tell us about any clubs or societies you apart of, and how have they benefited you?

Anamya: I am a member of the Warwick Pride Society. As a queer person, being part of a community of people with similar life experiences has been very important. Moreover, through Warwick Pride, I’ve been associated with Warwick PLAN, which is a network of LGBTUA+ professional and allies. Being part of PLAN, introduced me to various LGBTUA+ networking and career opportunities.

Hannah: I have been a member of the Warwick Squash Club since my undergraduate years. Being a member of the Squash club has most definitely been the highlight of my time at university. It has been a great outlet for me to ensure I stay active and meet with my teammates beyond my studies. It’s a fun way to meet new people and to make great friends outside of WBS, especially with all the socials!

Juan: The MSc course I chose demanded a lot of time. Therefore, I was not able to join any society. However, my Latino roots did need some spice, so I occasionally went to the Salsa society. Going once in a while to dance Salsa did help my life on campus. I met with different people from different countries and other Latinos who, like me, enjoyed dancing and dancing helped me get out of the study routine and allowed me to distract myself.

What have you found to be the best thing about your course?

Anamya: The best thing about my course so far has been the classmates. The lectures are structured in such a way that we get a chance to interact and engage with the course material in a very productive, engaging manner. Due to this, insights from my classmates add to the depth of learning.

Hannah: I would say the ability to work with a variety of people on my course during group projects has been the best thing. Being allocated to a new group each term has allowed me meet so many people and work alongside people with different perspectives. Some of them have become my close friends!

Juan: The Masters modules, and guest lectures and events provide up-to-date industry knowledge, experiences, and advice for future development. Throughout the course, we’re also provided with opportunities to work and learn from students from various places. Thus, I built connections with people from Italy, Colombia, Dubai, India, China, etc., which I would not imagine back in Ecuador.

What are your tips for getting the most out of your MSc?

Anamya: Be proactive. At Masters level, few things are served to you on a platter. To make the most out of an MSc, be proactive, engage with activities, take the extra steps to interact with people around WBS. It is just one year of making sure you are going the extra mile to have the best experience!

Hannah: Start your job application preparation as early as possible. Make sure your CV and cover letters are complete upon starting the course and that you have a clear vision of where you wish to progress in your career. In doing so, you will be able to get a head start with applications as getting your submissions through early allows you to navigate the job market with more flexibility. It will also allow you to have less application preparation to do when teaching begins which is crucial when individual study and deadlines start to accumulate.

Juan: So, I would advise new MSc students to take advantage of all the opportunities they find during their studies. One of the opportunities WBS gives is to have great guest lectures that talk about current world problems or trends that help you build a better idea of the world and understand what is happening around you.

Also, having access to papers and books is fantastic; they do become a crucial part of your formation, so being able to read them will give you an advantage over other professionals with a similar background. Finally, the last piece of advice is to study in the PG learning space where you can concentrate and socialise with people on other Masters courses to enrich your learning.

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