My experience on the MSc Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation

30 November 2020

Current MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation participant, Eromosele Pax Alenkhe, talks about why he chose to study the programme and what his experience has been like so far.

After working for almost a decade as a Bank Examiner in Nigeria, I decided it was time to update my skillset, and the MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation ticked all the boxes in my search for a programme that would help provide a solid foundation in Central Banking and Financial Regulation. 

I must say that the partnership with the Bank of England was a huge attraction for me as it meant that I was going to get both an academic and real-life practitioner perspective from the course. And I haven’t been disappointed so far, the quality of real-life central banking practitioners that have come on the programme to share their insights has been impressive. 

My understanding of Central Banking and the reason for the various policy response and actions that they take has greatly improved. Occasionally, I do a little private research and analyse the balance sheet of various central banks and even certain decisions that they take. This newfound skillset is a testament to the quality of the programme and the rigour of the module on comparative central banking.  

My favourite module so far has been the Monetary Policy and Monetary Analysis course as it has equipped me with the tools central banks use to conduct monetary policy. I have always been fascinated by how central banks conduct monetary policy and how monetary policy decisions affect the economy. I can confidently say that I am now conversant with the necessary macroeconomic and statistical tools used to conduct monetary policy in closed and open economies. 

The flexibility of the programme has been wonderful as I’ve been able to carry on with my studies even when I travel for work. The depth and quality of class discussions have also been excellent as classmates’ contributions, especially about their home country or any country they work in, brings a global perspective to each module. I have also made some really good friends on the programme and being connected with likeminded people is indeed exciting. I look forward to lifelong friendships with my new academic family, and who knows I just might be vacationing in a different country and meet up with my classmates…sounds like fun!
I recently received a promotion at work and the knowledge and skills I am gaining from the programme are invaluable for my current role and my future progression. I am very happy with the course as I now have a good understanding of STATA and am learning the programming language “R” in the Behavioural Finance and Big Data* module, which I’m currently studying. 

I am extremely confident I made the right choice for my future career by choosing the MSc Global Central banking and Financial Regulation at Warwick Business School. 

*Our Behavioural Finance and Big Data module has now split into two separate modules. Please see here for the most up to date module list and start dates.