My first term as a Masters student

16 January 2024

Current MSc students Boluwatife and Supavadee share their experiences of their first term at Warwick Business School.


How were your first couple of weeks at WBS?

Boluwatife: My first few days flew by – I felt a whirlwind of emotions, but the overriding one was excitement! It had been a long-term dream of mine to move to a new country and begin my Masters story, so it was amazing to finally realise it.

Supavadee: My journey so far has been one of growth and discovery, and this was the case from the first week. I was glad to immediately start to build bonds with my cohort and other WBS peers.

Warwick provided various activities to encourage such networking and socialising, and I was spoilt for choice when browsing the 250+ student societies. I’m particularly enjoying being a part of the Mandarin Society, which is a fun and interactive way to learn the language and connect with people who share similar interests.

Boluwatife: The icebreaker sessions and other social events available on Welcome Week were hugely beneficial for me when I first arrived. I can sometimes be naturally shy when meeting new people, but Welcome Week reassured me that we were all in the same boat, and made making friends and building relationships feel natural and easy.

Image of an MSc student presenting

How was your learning experience?

Supavadee: Each of my modules were structured to blend theoretical concepts with practical case studies. This is a fascinating way to connect knowledge with real-world situations, which I found a practical learning experience to have moving forward.

Boluwatife: In the first term, we were taught workshop sessions for each module in person, which were brilliant. This was an opportunity to meet with the lecturers face-to-face, and get that hands-on learning experience.

I participated in ERP Simulation, Uber driver simulation, and Agile card game, in which I got to have fun and learn at the same time. You may be able to tell I love games and working in teams!

Supavadee: We were quickly assigned to groups for projects. Working alongside friends from different nationalities and professional experiences broadened my perspective, enhanced my collaborative skills, and improved my approach to teamwork.

Image of an MSc student outside

What have you enjoyed away from your studies so far?

Boluwatife: I had so much fun in my first term. I attended the Karaoke night, dancing and singing the night away. My Friday nights tended to include light dinner and drinks at the on-campus bar The Dirty Duck, or heading into Coventry town with my friends, laughing and talking about our week - a great way to relax from the very active study schedule.

Supavadee: I especially enjoyed the community feel at Warwick, and developed a strong group of friends and contact, with whom I’ve shared meals, interests and business ideas.

Having a made such a big decision in moving away from home to the UK for my Masters, I’ve really appreciated that these friends are there to support me not just academically, but personally.

Boluwatife: WBS organised a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets to bring the first term to a lovely close. I can’t wait to see what the second term has in store!

Image of MSc student doing archery

Have you had chance to engage with the MSc Careers team yet?

Supavadee: I’ve participated in several careers sessions, both online and in-person. They have enhanced my interview skills, refined my CV, and gave me confidence in applying for future roles.

Boluwatife: One great thing I love about WBS is its personal care for our careers and future plans. The CareersPlus team offered clear direction to me with advice tailored to my personal aspirations and passions. I also learned first-hand from alumni about their career journey, and vital things to note when making job applications.


What advice would you give to future MSc arrivals at WBS?  

Boluwatife: Don’t take it for granted! I can’t believe my first term is already over. It’s gone so quick, but I’ve enjoyed every second.

Supavadee: Embrace the diversity of the Warwick community. I’ve had so many enriching experiences sharing stories, taking turns cooking meals, and generally learning from the ever-growing pool of people I’m proud to call friends.

Boluwatife: Make the most of the opportunities on offer – I for one took advantage of the term language classes. Guten Tag, wie geht’s? 

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