My MSc scholarship and life after WBS

14 March 2023

MSc Management alum Francesca shares an insight into her story, the value of her scholarship and where her degree has taken her since graduating from Warwick Business School. 

I applied for WBS because of the real-life application focus of the modules, as well as the incredible reputation of the teaching and institution in general. My time at WBS certainly lived up to this, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a Masters degree. 

My scholarship 

Gaining an MSc scholarship was a huge helping hand in my quest to join WBS. I took an unpaid career break after completing my undergraduate degree which was a risk for me, I was also living in a particularly expensive area which meant I had to plan my finances carefully.  

My scholarship took away some of that worry and me realise how much WBS valued my application, which made me value my place with them in turn.  

After WBS 

I returned to a previous role at Accenture in their capital markets practice, before deciding I wanted a change in direction. Just a few months after graduating, I landed my current role working at Baringa Partners as a People, Talent & Change Consultant. The MSc Management modules undoubtedly helped me hone in on the aspects of consulting I enjoyed, and where I could further capitalise on my skillset.  

The leadership, organisational psychology and strategy aspects led to my dissertation on ‘Decision-making in COVID’, and was pretty much all I spoke about in my first interview with Baringa! 

I also use the theory from the modules’ day-to-day in helping my clients solve their problems. Equally, taking modules in accounting ,and other core business topics, has helped me to build a broader understanding of the companies I work with, and have enabled me to approach my role more holistically.  

What’s next?  

I really hope to stay at Baringa for the foreseeable! I love the culture of the company, and love my role. I’m so grateful and proud of my WBS MSc Management degree, which made it all possible. 

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