My thoughts on being a postgrad student amid a pandemic

06 January 2021

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation student, Andrea shares her experience of starting her course at WBS during COVID-19.

A y/courses/postgraduate/management-of-information-systems/">Masters in Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation after working in tech for four years. In March 2020, the world got hit by a pandemic that changed the lives of many; but I was blessed enough to be able to carry on with my plans. I also believed that opportunities wait for no (wo)man. So, in October, I booked a one-way ticket to Birmingham.

Many people have been asking me about what it's like to be studying while the country is in a state of lockdown. So, I figured I'd share my journey with you.

1. My University was extremely prepared to take on digital learning

Digital learning isn't Warwick's first rodeo. In fact, they're ranked No.1 in the world for distance learning MBAs. Being physically present in this unique period of change allowed me to observe how the University, as an institution, truly practised what they preached: being an innovator and digital leader. Their ability to manage uncertainty with empathy and effective communication, and implement blended learning processes (50% online and 50% offline) with such precision and efficiency left me in awe. As someone who is passionate about technology, I am deeply inspired to internalise what I have experienced and use them as tools to champion technological change management in my future roles in tech. The MyWarwick mobile application enables me to receive push notifications of the latest updates to changes in regulations and how it affects us as students.

2. I have more time to prepare my meals

Having lectures online means that I have time in between lectures to parboil my chicken to make some really good chicken broth. Haha! Cooking is extremely therapeutic for me and Tesco is a 5-minute walk from where I live; what a bonus. I've been trying out lots of different recipes from different cuisines lately (Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and French). The UK is currently in a national lockdown at the moment. So, grocery shopping has become one of my social activities too! The regulations state that we're allowed to be in groups of six. So, my dorm mates and I would head out to get groceries and cook dinner together. They're such a fun bunch and I'm so happy to have them!

Here's my attempt at making a pot of mussels in white wine:

3. I appreciate being outdoors

Staying at home is fun, but when we get to go out, I find myself taking the time to stop and smell the roses (or maple leaves, since it’s autumn) a lot more. With all the time saved from commuting, I channel it into being more present. That means: spending less time on social media. The view in my University is breathtaking and it's so wonderful to find beauty in every corner.

Here's a photo of a huge mushroom outside my dorm:

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