One year on from my MSc Marketing & Strategy course

31 October 2019

MSc Marketing & Strategy alumna, Becky Larry-Izamoje, shares her reflections on her course experience at WBS one year on.

What made you decide to take the MSc Marketing & Strategy course?

During my Business Management undergraduate degree, I gained work experience over the three summer holidays of my course - a brand ambassador role, a marketing internship role and a finance internship role respectively. Business Management was a broad course which cut across various subjects and topics. I had however blossomed in my many marketing modules, as my grades showed, and it was clear I had a passion for the course and field. However, I have to give this one to my father; I knew I wanted to do something marketing related, but my father highlighted the importance of strategy as a unique selling factor.

Warwick Business School presented the perfect blend of marketing and strategy and so I decided to apply. I always wanted to attend WBS so this was a win-win situation. In hindsight, marketing and strategy was the best course for me, and the best academic decision I could have made!

What have you done in the year since you finished your MSc?

In the last year, I attended a short course development programme in Growth Strategies and Understanding Market Trends from Harvard Extension School (Harvard University). I am a graduate intern with the media sub-section of the biggest bank in Africa. Outside of my main profession, I have also set up an NGO in Nigeria for children and young adults in personal and skill development and we have had four outreaches so far. I also enjoy singing gospel music and have gone on to release four official singles, as well as one official music video on YouTube.

MSc alumna Becky celebrating her graduation

Becky celebrates her graduation at WBS

How do you feel the MSc set you up for this year?

I was a student representative in my Master’s year and also volunteered as a Marketing Executive with TEDx Warwick. These positions stretched my leadership ability, organisation and time management skills. I learnt to work better in teams and understand various cultures and backgrounds through the new friendships I made. My presentation skills were also harnessed due to a variety of assessments. In my reality today, I continue to use all these skills to manage my different responsibilities and also enabling me to work well in a team.

How do co-curricular trips help to set you up for the world of work?

I believe nothing beats a theory-to-reality experience as students can have a futuristic glimpse of the real world. Experiences like the trip to The Shard with the British Heart Foundation where I worked on a live marketing brief prepared me to put into practice everything I had heard and read. I believe the true worth of education is when your reality is changed due to certain knowledge acquired. Opportunities like these equip you through application of theory, and enable critical thinking in real contexts, bringing all you’ve been taught to life!

What’s next for you?

As I move forward, I really am looking forward to gaining more experience, as I create more value for the brands I currently serve. I also look forward to giving back to WBS, through empowering the students as a proud alumna who seeks to continuously make a difference in her sector and country. More specifically, I aim to join more professional bodies and obtain more professional certificates which come through continuous learning and growing in my career.

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