Preparing for MSc life as an international student

30 June 2021

Our MSc ambassador, Fuhad shares his advice on how to prepare for university life as an international student and how to make the most of the wide-ranging support services available at the University of Warwick.

Whilst living abroad, international students should expect a range of differences in culture, weather conditions, food, and the healthcare system. Warwick Business School is part of the University of Warwick and is home to thousands of international students from diverse backgrounds. For example, the first five students I interacted with on my course (MSc International Business) were all from different countries and we all expressed slightly different views on major topics in our conversations. This was a clear reflection of our diverse backgrounds and culture but it also meant that we were able to learn from one another. Funnily enough, our conversation then extended to our preferred types of meals and the types of foods that were traditional in our own cultures.

Every prospective student joining WBS should expect to meet people from all over the world. For me, this has been a huge highlight of my experience at WBS as I have been able to meet new people, learn to be open to other people’s opinions, and try lots of new things including cultural-specific foods and recipes. Another important factor to consider as an international student coming to study in the UK is the weather, as it can be somewhat unpredictable. One minute it can be sunny and the next minute it can be raining.

As an international student experiencing beautiful sunshine, blustering winds, and snow all in one afternoon was completely fascinating! I have also really enjoyed experiencing the transition from the long dark nights in the winter to the longer lighter days in the spring. Following on from this I would highly recommend that international students bring appropriate clothing so you are fully prepared for the changeable weather conditions!

Another important factor to consider as an international student is making sure that you register with a local doctor’s surgery as soon as you arrive in the UK. As we are all aware the global pandemic has impacted everyone across the world and continues to do so. However, as an international student, I feel greatly reassured that the UK’s National Health Service is one of the best healthcare systems in the world offering support, advice, and treatment for everyone.

In addition to this, there is a great level of support available for international students from both the central university and WBS. Before arriving in the UK I was supported with pre-arrival information such as immigration advice, how to open a UK bank account, registering with the police, and much more.

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