Reflections on my first term as an MSc student at WBS

24 March 2020

Our MSc Business with Operations Management student ambassador, Anushka shares her journey at WBS so far.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

So, for everyone who is wondering what life is like for a business student, let me tell you it’s hectic, quite challenging but every day comes with a series of unexplored opportunities.  Choosing to pursue an MSc course at Warwick Business School was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Stepping out of my comfort zone and moving to a different country to join WBS was quite overwhelming, but with support from peers and mentors, this transition was smooth and before I realised it, this place felt like home.

Becoming a supportive team player

It’s a privilege that I got the opportunity to study at WBS, one of the most prestigious business schools and home to some of the world’s leading academics. I am currently pursuing MSc Business with Operations Management. My course follows a broad core curriculum enhanced by a series of elective options, serving as a springboard to leadership. The process of learning at Warwick isn’t just limited to the lecture rooms and professors. The emphasis on case studies, research and seminars, helps students to understand how people perceive the same fundamental concept in different lights. The long and sometimes tiring group discussions provide critical insight and knowledge sharing. This process has also led me to discover the importance of not just being a leader, but also a supportive team player. Also, a major portion of my education is dependent on peer-to-peer learning and industrial visits. My cohort was recently taken to the Amazon and Jaguar Land Rover distribution centres which broadened my horizons and gave me an insight into the practical world of business. Courses at WBS are designed in a manner that brings together culturally diverse students and offers a series of opportunities to network with peers, alumni and business professionals.

Daily routine

I am currently half-way through my second term and it feels like time is flying by. My daily routine consists of snoozing multiple alarms, running to morning lectures and drinking multiple cups of coffee to make it through the day. I spend a lot of time in the postgraduate lounge for never-ending group meetings, and it’s a great space to prepare for lectures and seminars the following day. My daily routine also includes constantly rechecking the schedule of the 12X and 11 buses to Leamington where I currently live!

Striking a balance

It’s challenging to manage assignments and deadlines and to strike a balance between my professional and social life, but with support from personal tutors and module leaders achieving this balance is a lot easier. A major task for any MSc student is to constantly seek and research potential job opportunities. The WBS CareersPlus team consist of dedicated and experienced individuals who organise regular seminars and workshops throughout the year to help students develop their skillset. There are numerous career fairs organised on campus which act as an opportunity to network with potential employers and gain an insight into what skills employers are looking for.

There is also a variety of social trips organised by WBS where you can explore the nearby cities and towns like Oxford, Bath, and Cambridge giving you the chance to meet people outside the boundaries of the university. These trips provide me with a much-needed break from my studies and allow me to relax.

Personal development

WBS has a lot to offer students who are willing to learn, commit and grow. Apart from focusing on academic excellence, the business school aims to create future leaders and change-makers. Equipping you with the correct skillset and instilling a sense of confidence and responsibility, WBS aims to develop young professionals and prepare you for the business world. My journey at WBS has been phenomenal so far. Every day here is more demanding and I discover something new about myself, my peers and my surroundings. Working with my classmates has made me realise that despite different values and norms our outlook towards life and the future is just the same, and education is the tool that aligns all of us together. Moreover, the bonds I have created, and the network I have built is something that I will take with me and cherish for the years to come.

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