Reviewing my first term as an MSc student

27 January 2023

Two of our MSc alum share the ins and outs of their first term as an MSc student at Warwick Business School - from learning in a new environment, to accessing a range of opportunities.

Wenlan Dai, MSc Management

My first term was exciting, colourful, and challenging. I felt a strong connection with WBS from the first day of Welcome Week.

Volunteers in yellow jackets warmly guided students to the campus, and the Wellbeing Team were friendly and helped any students in need. Police and security shared safety knowledge (even handing out bike locks to protect your property), and, most importantly, hundreds of societies showed the diverse culture of the student community.

Many exciting activities on campus enriched my cross-culture experience, one of which was the Navratri Dandiya event held by the global communication community. I deepened my understanding of Indian culture and got to know more people on campus.

I live near WBS, in a quiet area with convenient access to both the shopping centre and campus. It is a cosy place for me to escape from the concrete jungle with joyful gardens and cute little animals. Public transportation is also in easy reach nearby - buses and trains extend in all directions, which makes it easy to explore the beauty of the UK every weekend.

Alongside the environment, the CareersPlus team is terrific, giving me many opportunities to understand the career environment, network with external companies and make new contacts.

Careers coaching was offered throughout the term, including lecture sessions, industry festivals and face-to-face tutoring. The quality of my CV improved a lot after the careers introduction and online tools provided by the career team.

Ti-Kai Chang, MSc Business with Marketing

Before arriving at WBS, I felt very excited about what my journey was going to be. Not only was I about to study a subject that fascinated me, but I would also be living in the UK for the first time.

I couldn’t wait to begin my lectures and seminars, and meet some new friends here. This is my first time studying abroad after living in Taiwan, so I was a little worried about how to keep up with the study, how complicated the lectures might be and how quickly I might adapt.

My mind was soon put at ease – though challenging and dynamic, my course has proved extremely engaging and useful, which has really motivated me to excel and improve.  

The knowledge covered during my first term was challenging, comprehensive, and practical. I had four modules in term one:

  • Foundation of Financial and Management Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Strategy Analysis and Practice
  • Marketing

Upon completing my first term, I began to understand how to utilise what I have learned in my future career, which is my most significant gain during this term. As a marketing student, it is beneficial to understand the theoretical and practical examples of marketing and related subjects, such as financial accounting analysis, cost and budget, statistic calculation, and quantitative analysis. WBS allocated those modules to business students to equip us with adequate knowledge before embarking further in our careers.

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