Settling into my new surroundings as an international MSc student at WBS

01 June 2020

Our MSc ambassador Suyash shares the support he received when joining WBS as an international student. From exploring the UK with the World at Warwick programme to the guidance he received from the International Office.

I am originally from India and I am currently studying MSc Management at Warwick Business School. Starting my journey as an international student in the UK was initially a bit overwhelming as it was my first time travelling to the UK. However as I gradually settled into my new surroundings I started to admire how picturesque the UK,  and, in particular, the University of Warwick campus is. I was really impressed with the location of the campus and the excellent transport links from the campus to the surrounding areas, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to live.

World at Warwick

I love to travel and explore new places; something which makes me happy, however, it can be difficult to take time out from your busy work schedule to plan a trip. With the World at Warwick programme, I had the opportunity to explore many stunning towns like Oxford, Cardiff, Cambridge and York. Getting to know the rich history and deep-rooted culture was an exceptional experience altogether for me. My weekend trip to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, with the World at Warwick programme was undoubtedly the highlight of my UK trips calendar. With the World at Warwick trips and events hub, I have had so many wonderful opportunities to explore lots of new places and meet new people from different cultural backgrounds.

Student societies at Warwick

With more than 300 student-run societies and sports clubs on campus, you will definitely find something that suits your interests. You can try something new that you’ve always wanted to but never got the right opportunity to have a crack at, like learning go-carting or salsa dancing. Alternatively, you can enhance your studies by taking a dip in a new area of academic interest like Finance or Arts. With so many societies available to you, you can connect with new people who are as passionate about the things that you love too.

By participating in these extracurricular activities, you are not just having fun but also improving your prospects of securing a job,as employers look for graduates who have been involved in various extracurricular activities. Also, by being part of a society it is a great opportunity to make new friends - particularly when you first arrive on campus.

Personal tutor

You are appointed a personal tutor in your academic department for regular catch-ups to discuss your progress and any concerns or questions you might have around your course. For me having someone who bridged the gap between myself and the academic department was a huge blessing and provided an element of familiarity and reassurance for me throughout my studies. Also, with personal tutoring I have a connection with a member of staff who encourages and guides me throughout my course, offering great advice and support. For me, my personal tutor has played a very important role in building my professional network, alongside many other areas including peer mentoring. Your personal tutor will be a key contact for you throughout your time at WBS and will be able to help you expand your academic potential and professional network.

International Office

One of the biggest concerns for any international student starting their journey in a new country often relates to immigration and compliance. The International Office at Warwick takes care of any concerns or queries students have regarding visas and immigration.

Personally, as an International student myself, I have had one of the most satisfying experiences studying at WBS and all the apprehensions that I had initially were laid to rest as soon as I arrived on campus and settled into life at WBS.

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