Student Insight: Highlights from my MSc course

21 July 2021

Xaio Bai, MSc Business & Finance

I have enjoyed the amazing and flexible teaching methods provided by WBS. I found that all my lecturers are really professional, helpful and passionate about what they teach. Whenever I have any questions I have found that they have been very approachable even though we have all had to adapt to new ways of learning online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Masters Programme Team have ensured that the high standards of teaching at WBS have continued without disruption and they have been on hand to answer any questions students have. I have been amazed by the responses of both the WBS teaching and professional staff considering the impact of COVID-19, and with many people now working and studying from home.

I feel that my course in particular is suitable for all students no matter whether they have an accounting or finance background. For students like me who have an accounting background, the first term of my course provided me with a fantastic opportunity to learn both general and technical finance knowledge, while finance students could learn more about key accounting skills during the second term. My course enables students to further their knowledge of these key areas and apply their knowledge within the world of business. Another key highlight of my course is this flexibility it offers in terms of either choosing a dissertation or Business in Practice route depending on whether you want to follow a traditional postgraduate route or develop further skills to suit your career aspirations. The final highlight of my course which is what made me decide to study at WBS is the precious QTEM exchange programme which demonstrates the outstanding teaching available at WBS.

Sarah Park, MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

As WBS is one of the most renowned and reputable business schools in the world, I knew being part of the WBS community would help me achieve my career goals. I decided to study MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation at WBS because I had always aspired to become a technology consultant, and this seemed to be the perfect course to develop a hybrid skillset of business acumen and technical skills.

In fact, my course focuses on the cross-section of technology and business whilst the modules have a very good mix of practical and theoretical contents. It’s incredible that we have learned all the different theories (knowledge transfer, innovation process, digital platforms, crowdsourcing), business cases (Uber, Amazon, TopCoder), and programming (Python, R, Tableau) in a span of two terms. It is also worth mentioning that the course provides a diverse range of electives for you to choose to study such as digital marketing, digital finance, and enterprise information systems.

Besides the studies, we have a very strong and supportive community. During each term, we have had an exclusive careers event with our course alumni. They shared invaluable insights and career advice, which were immensely helpful for my job applications. Moreover, our cohort has had regular virtual socials organised by our amazing Course Reps and Social Reps. The most memorable social event was ‘Power of Positivitea’ in which we had tea and little talks about what brings positivity in our lives. Throughout the course, my cohort and course director have been incredibly supportive. Not only have I built superior knowledge of technology, innovations, and business, but I have also developed authentic relationships within and beyond the course community. I’d highly recommend this course to prospective students who are passionate or want to learn more about the role of technologies in the business world. The technical aspects of the course are beginner-friendly, so anyone with a passion for technology is welcome!

Man Sun, MSc Business with Consulting

I am studying MSc Business with Consulting at Warwick Business School which has enabled me to learn more about the combination of practice and theory. Although my MSc year has been a tough one due the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restriction on in-person activities I have found that there has been a mutual connection between my classmates and I. One of the key highlights of my course and an unforgettable memory was meeting my classmates at the end of term one for an afternoon of ice skating at the Cathedral Square in Coventry and celebrating with champagne and bubble tea.

I would strongly recommend my course to other students who are interested in the field of consulting. During my course I have had opportunities to learn how to prepare business presentations and how to create concise business reports which are key skills required for roles within this field. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the group work activities throughout my course which has helped me develop into a more mature person and has enabled me to build good working relationships with my colleagues. WBS has an excellent reputation which is what influenced me to study here, my experience so far has been unforgettable and I know that the knowledge and skills I have learned will help me reach my career aspirations.

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