Student insight - Making the most of your year

21 August 2017

In this postgraduate student insight blog, we have asked our Masters students what advice they would give to new starters. 

Nico (Pei Lun) Wang 
MSc Business (Marketing)   

“Firstly, I would suggest joining a society at the start of the first term as some beginner lessons are only available in term one. So if you want to try out something new, keep an eye out for beginner lessons. Some of the societies also have an international trip during the Christmas holidays, I would definitely recommend going on this, it will give you the opportunity to get to know many people and make new friends.”

To find out more about societies, why not have a look at last month’s student insight blog.

Warwick Art Centre is another great place to get involved. You can benefit a lot by serving as a volunteer or doing part time jobs there. Sometimes you will also be lucky enough receive free tickets to watch all those amazing performances and shows. If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up to Warwick Volunteers. Warwick Volunteers host a range of projects from making Christmas card for children in hospitals to making craft for the elderly. There are plenty of activities in need of volunteers.

The University of Warwick Library also holds workshops that you sign up to online, such as creative writing, filming and movie editing. WBS Create also delivers a range of workshops that encourages social and creative approaches to complex problem solving. You can find out about WBS Create workshops on my.wbs.”

Alice Arnold
MSc International Business

“So what do you need to take for your first week at university? It is always a good idea to check what will be included in your accommodation so you avoid bringing everything but the kitchen sink. My essential starter pack for university would include: a printer – to avoid panic trips to the library, earplugs – to ensure you will have a peaceful night’s sleep and a doorstop - so that anyone can drop by and have a chat.”


Elissa Fontaine
MSc Management

“Aside from what you would find on ‘What to bring to university’ lists online, I would make sure you bring anything that can bring people together. Small speakers for parties/picnics, a Frisbee, rugby ball, playing cards. You can all buy some of those items at the sports direct not far from campus, but there’s no better way to meet people than spending some quality time together! I would also bring a sleeping bag (you never know), a pair of trainers/running shoes (comfort is key when you have long days) and if you can, your bike. The campus is not too big, but if you are living in halls that are slightly further away or in Canley/Coventry, having a bike makes life so much easier (and cheaper)! The university also has UniCycles, a bike hire scheme to help staff and students get around campus.

Campus also caters to most needs: Cannon Park is handy for shopping, it has a Tesco, Aldi, Wilkos, Iceland, Sports Direct, Bubbletea and Costa – anything more and you can go to Coventry, Leamington or even Birmingham in 30 minutes. Campus itself has a fair few restaurants and bars, and there are pubs dotted around within 10 minutes’ walk.”